So...the Great British Sewing Bee final is here

Wednesday: The Great British Sewing Bee - (BBC1, 9pm)

By Claire Cartmill
Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 5:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 7:07 pm
Esme Young, Sara Pascoe and Patrick Grant
Esme Young, Sara Pascoe and Patrick Grant

Regular viewers of The Great British Sewing Bee know it can be a very heart-warming show.

As on The Great British Baking Off, which comes from the same stable, the contestants tend to be a likeable bunch who are happy to help each other out, even if they are technically competing against each other.

However, if you’ve found this year’s run to be especially emotional, you’re not alone.

Many viewers – and judge Patrick Grant – were left misty eyed when contestant Gill, who has one hand, gave an emotional leaving speech at the end of lingerie week.

She said of her time on the show: “It’s been life-changing for me in a completely unexpected way.

“Before coming into this I would always wear a prosthetic limb and I have done for the whole of my life.

“Coming into this I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do that. It’s kind of made me realise that I don’t need to do that anymore. So, you’ve kind of like set me free.”

It also moved presenter Sara Pascoe, although as she admits, it doesn’t take much to get her blubbing on this show, especially when it comes to announcing who was leaving.

She told Gathered: “I got incredibly embarrassed – because I was pregnant, I was more hormonal than I would have liked to have been.

“Occasionally, I was already crying at Garment of the Week. I’d be so happy for the person who won. Sending someone home, it’s just horrible being the person who goes: ‘Actually, it’s you.’

“I was really grateful no one ever really went home after a disaster. Usually, they had a good week, but everyone else had done that bit better. No one let themselves down.”

And although Patrick and fellow judge Esme Grant may be pointing out the contestants’ mistakes, Sara felt that most of the time, the sewers were their own harshest critics.

She says: “I felt like, a lot of the time, I was just going round saying ‘This is so great. You’re doing really well.

“Just remember how proud you should be of yourself.’ We can all do with a cheerleader in our life.”

Each of the remaining contestants should be especially proud as tonight is the grand final – and if that’s not an excuse for a celebration, then what is?

Esme and Patrick have decided on a party theme as the finalists take on three last garments, starting with a pattern challenge based on the iconic amorphous dress.

Made from one piece of Lycra and manipulated into shape by D-rings, it’s going to be tricky – and just to add to the pressure, the pattern is one of Esme’s own designs.

Next up, there’s a trip down memory lane as they are asked to turn their scraps from previous transformation challenges into an outfit for a party, and then they end with a jumpsuit made-to-measure that’s fit for the red carpet.

But who will really feel like celebrating when Sara announces the winner? And how many people will be in tears as the class of 2022 are reunited?