Laura McMullan

‘If you go to a sing-song, there will always be somebody who gets up to sing a Country Song’

The ‘Galway Boy’ Mike Denver opens his heart about his passion for Country music - but reveals you’ll never catch him playing an intrument on stage

Alex Best, pictured on a recent visit to Logan Wellbeing and Fertility in south Belfast, where she was helping launch a new facial. Picture by Arthur Allison, Pacemaker

For Alex, the Best is yet to come

It’s something she’s been quizzed about so many times, for so many years, and I’m tentative - if not nervous - as I broach the obvious question, but Alex Best is warm and patient in her reply. “I loved everything about him. Absolutely everything. He was the whole package.”

Q Radio's Stephen Clements

Why it feels like life at Q Radio is just beginning for Stephen Clements

Strolling across Belfast’s Fountain Street towards me, Q Radio breakfast presenter Stephen Clements takes long strides, his head tucked into the collar of his dark coat against the November chill, trademark spikey hair the only giveaway of his identity.

The News Letter's Laura McMullan talks to Country singing sensation Derek Ryan

The generation game: why Country star Derek Ryan appeals to everyone

“Country music doesn’t offend anyone - it has such universal appeal,” says Derek Ryan, when pressed to list just a few reasons why he loves the genre so much.


TRAVEL: Get me to the Greek

When Laura McMullan visited the quaint little town of Lindos on the east coast of Rhodes, she didn’t expect to fall in love with an entire country and culture. From chilled out nights to days spent travelling round the island, if it’s a holiday of contrasts you’re after, then all Rhodes lead to Greece

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