The funeral of Garda Richard Fallon, who was shot dead in Dublin in 1970 by republican splinter group Saor �ire. His son, Finian, has no confidence in Dublin's proposals to reveal details of the matter under the Stormont House Agreement.

Garda’s son has no faith in Dublin’s pledges on legacy

A Dublin man who believes Irish ministers may have colluded with republicans over the murder of his father says he has no confidence that his government will honour commitments to investigate cases as part of wider attempts to deal with the legacy of the Troubles.

Ex-UDR man Noel Downey suffered extensive injuries in an IRA car bomb and says a victims pension would support him in his deterioating health. Photo: Pacemaker.

Ex-UDR man’s legacy submission

A ex-UDR man says the government consultation on the past should distinguish him from the IRA bomber who maimed him - and assist him financially in his failing health.


SF’s ‘secret guide’ to unity

A secret Sinn Fein guide to Irish unification coaches party members on how to convince family and friends that taxpayers can afford the massive upheaval - and to assure them there would be no violence or chaos.

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