Sam McBride: Debate over British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference has become totemistic

If Stormont doesn’t return, what should take its place?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn with Lagan College student Madaline Kelly during his visit to the school yesterday

Corbyn rules out SF’s joint authority plan

Jeremy Corbyn has put some distance between himself and Sinn Fein by ruling out the British and Irish governments jointly running Northern Ireland if he was prime minister.


Corbyn flies into criticism over Irish unity remarks

Jeremy Corbyn flies into Belfast today against a backdrop of renewed unionist concern about his support for a united Ireland after his official spokesman said that the Labour leader believes that across Ireland there is a majority support for Irish unity.

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn calls for British-Irish body to be reconvened

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has endorsed Irish nationalist calls for a meeting of a body whose remit has become contentious amid the continued democratic vacuum at Stormont.


Just 21% back Irish unity after Britain leaves EU: opinion poll

Two separate polls have found no evidence that Brexit has yet caused a radical shift in public opinion which would make a referendum on a united Ireland remotely winnable.

John Mills told the inquiry that he had less than three people working on RHI during his time but that now there are 30 staff involved

RHI inquiry: civil servant accepts responsibility for some errors before scheme fell apart

A senior civil servant has accepted that he failed to take on board what ought to have been a series of warnings that Stormont’s RHI scheme was becoming increasingly vulnerable to running out of control.

The message was sent to Chris Johnston who testified yesterday

RHI inquiry: expert tried to limit material going to inquiry

A man employed at Northern Ireland’s main wood pellet producer who is a close friend of Arlene Foster’s former advisor appears to have attempted to limit material going to the RHI inquiry, it has been revealed.


RHI inquiry: Moy Park given inside track on changes to scheme by civil servant

One of the two civil servants overseeing the running of the RHI scheme as it spiralled out of control has accepted that he gave information to poultry giant Moy Park which was not available to others.

Mallusk anti incinerator group celebrate winning their case against the against the civil service to have the scheme go ahead outside north Belfast.   Picture by Jonathan Porter/PressEye

Sam McBride: Ruling means more confusion in an already unclear picture

Mrs Justice Keegan’s ruling adds another layer of confusion to the already unclear picture over who has the authority to take decisions about public services in Northern Ireland.

The sun beams down on the statue of Carson, one of Northern Ireland's founding fathers, at Stormont

Sam McBride: Moment three years hence could be seminal for the future of the Union

Most people pay scant attention to politics.

Gareth John's evidence to the inquiry casts fresh light on the situation as the RHI scheme ran out of control

RHI inquiry: Ofgem ‘reminded DETI about cost controls just before scheme imploded’

A senior figure in the GB energy regulator Ofgem has said that Stormont officials were repeatedly reminded about the issue of RHI cost controls, but were more interested in getting more people into the scheme.

Elaine Dolan told the RHI inquiry that it was ultimately her responsibility that an auditor had not identified problems with RHI

RHI inquiry: Civil servant praised for taking personal responsibility

A civil servant has been publicly praised for accepting personal responsibility for one of the multiple failures which may have contributed to the cash for ash scandal.


RHI inquiry: More lucrative tariff was proposed, even as scheme was imploding

At the point where the RHI scheme was beginning to run out of control but Stormont officials remained unaware of the fact, they were exploring the possibility of introducing an even more lucrative tariff, it has emerged.

Lord Trimble said that the term 'Irish language act' was now 'toxic'

Parties restate Irish language positions after Trimble interventions

Sinn Fein and the DUP have responded to a former first minister’s suggestion for compromise on the key issue stopping the restoration of devolution by simply restating their positions on an Irish language act.


David ‘Dee’ Stitt: I don’t expect to be interviewed by PSNI over raid on house

Senior loyalist David ‘Dee’ Stitt has said that a month after anti-terror police officers raided his house and other premises in north Down he has not been interviewed by detectives – and doesn’t expect to be at any stage.

Lord Empey has expressed 'deep concerns' about the EU approach

Sam McBride: EU stance driving liberal and hardline unionists together

In the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum result, there was shock and dismay across Irish nationalism, which feared the return of a hard border and a more nationalistic UK moving further from the rest of Europe.

David Stitt said most boys in working-class areas were involved in paramilitarism

Dee Stitt: ex-UDA prisoner defends robbery as ‘necessary’

David ‘Dee’ Stitt, who was born in the Short Strand but grew up in Tullycarnet after his family was driven out of the area at the start of the Troubles in 1969, joined the UDA at the age of 15.


Dee Stitt: I’m no longer a UDA commander and I’m on good terms with DUP

David ‘Dee’ Stitt has insisted that he is no longer a UDA commander and said that he remains on good terms with senior DUP figures.

David Stitt speaking to the News Letter political editor Sam McBride in the Charter NI office on the Newtownards Road.''Photo: Pacemaker

Inside Dee Stitt’s Charter NI office: Football, Foster...and scripture

The Charter NI office, just opposite the Con Club on the lower Newtownards Road, is no more opulent than any of the surrounding buildings in a working class area once teeming with families who depended on the nearby shipyard for their livelihood.

Charter NI chief executive David Stitt pictured just off the Newtownards Road yesterday before speaking to the News Letter.''Photo: Pacemaker Press

Dee Stitt proposal to Stormont to fund wind-down of UDA

Senior loyalist David ‘Dee’ Stitt has submitted a proposal for Stormont to pay his organisation, Charter NI, to help the UDA effectively disband in east Belfast and north Down.

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