£3m energy fund set to help cut carbon footprint

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Businesses across Northern Ireland are set to benefit from a new £3m energy services fund aimed at helping them slash overheads and cut their carbon footprint.

Spearheaded by ECI Energy (NI), a company supported by InterTradeIreland, the initiative will help manufacturing facilities, carparks, freight forwarding, logistics depots or SMEs with large commercial offices to upgrade their old, inefficient lighting to state-of-the-art LED technology at no upfront capital cost.

Funded using capital from ECI Energy and with support from InterTradeIreland’s Acumen programme, the service will include new intelligent LED lighting, electrical installation, the removal and compliant recycling of all old light fittings and a five-year comprehensive warranty to ensure the outsourcing of all operational risk back to ECI.

Mark Connolly, Commercial Director at ECI Lighting said: “This is a really exciting, win-win for both companies and the environment.

“It’s an opportunity for local firms to cut their electricity costs and reduce their carbon emissions – helping accelerate NI’s transition away from old inefficient technologies.”

Margaret Hearty, InterTradeIreland’s Director of Operations and Programmes, said: “We are delighted that ECI Lighting has benefited from the support of our Acumen programme in growing their cross-border business and spearheading this investment initiative. Northern Ireland is a proven ground for ambitious companies.”