Aberdeen Angus fat cow sells for £1,575 at Hilltown Mart

Saturday, August 18th at Hilltown Aberdeen Angus fat cow fetched £1,575 at 948kg.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 11:10 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:16 pm

Cow and male calf to £1,660.

Heifers to £1,560 at £750kg.

Bullocks sold to £1,550 at 772kg.

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Fat cows: Kilkeel farmer, £1,575 for 948kg. Kilcoo farmer, £1,240 for 786kg. Hilltown farmer, £1,180 for 738kg. Cabra farmer, £1,140 for 756kg. Attical farmer £960 for 714kg.

Cows and calves: Castlewellan farmer, cow and male calf, £1660, cow and male calf, £1,490, cow and heifer calf, £1,330. Kilcoo farmer, cow and heifer calf, £1,500. Ballymartin farmer, cow and male calf, £1,500. Dromore farmer, cow and heifer calf, £1,280.

Heifers: Hilltown farmers, £1,560 for 750kg (208ppk), £1,245 for 592kg (210ppk), £1,200 for 506kg (237ppk). Ballyward farmer, £1,170 for 568kg (206ppk), £1,050 for 548kg (191ppk). Ballynahinch farmer £950 for 508kg (187ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £855 for 458kg (186ppk). Downpatrick farmer, £850 for 446kg (190ppk), £800 for 414kg (193ppk). Hilltown farmer, £805 for 536kg (150ppk).

Bullocks: Hilltown farmer, £1,550 for 772kg (200ppk), £1,310 for 664kg (197ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £1,535 for 720kg (213ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £1,200 for 636kg (188ppk), £1,030 for 518kg (198ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £1,105 for 484kg (228ppk). Scarva farmer, £1,100 for 584kg (188ppk), £1,020 for 540kg (188ppk), £1,000 for 602kg (166ppk). Downpatrick farmer, £970 for 424kg (228ppk).

Weanling bullocks: Hilltown farmer, £1,115 for 560kg (199ppk), £1,000 for 544kg (183ppk), £800 for 420kg (190ppk), £795 for 364kg (218ppk). Dromore farmer, £855 for 332kg (257ppk), £720 for 290kg (248ppk), £660 for 208kg (214ppk).

Weanling heifer: Rostrevor farmer, £640 for 328kg (195ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £600 for 420kg (142ppk). Ballymartin farmer, £590 for 344kg (171ppk). Warrenpoint farmer, £540 for 298kg (181ppk), £500 for 266kg (188ppk), £490 for 292kg (168ppk).

Thursday, August 16th saw fat lambs to £90 for 26kg (340ppk), store lambs to £66 for 18kg (366ppk) and fat ewes to £88.

Fat lambs: Rathfriland farmer, £90 for 26kg (340ppk), £82 for 23kg (356ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £88 for 25kg (352ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £85 for 23.5kg (360ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £84 for 21.5kg (388ppk). Hilltown farmer, £83 for 22kg (364ppk), £82.50 for 22.5kg (355ppk). Newcastle farmer, £81.50 for 21kg (373ppk), £80 for 21kg (373ppk). Warrenpoint farmer, £80 for 22kg (358ppk). Hilltown farmer, £79.50 for 21.5kg (368ppk), £75.50 for 21.5kg (346ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £77 for 21.5kg (353ppk). Cabra farmer, £74 for 20kg (370ppk).

Store lambs: Mayobridge farmer, £66 for 18kg (366ppk). Hilltown farmer, £65.50 for 18kg (363ppk), £64 for 17kg (361ppk), £61.50 for 18kg (333ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £65 for 18kg (361ppk), £62 for 15.5kg (397ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £63 for 18kg (350ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £60.50 for 18kg (328ppk). Downpatrick farmer, £60 for 15kg (392ppk). Hilltown farmer, £58.50 for 15kg (370ppk).

Fat ewes: Bryansford farmer, £88. Mayobridge farmer, £80. Hilltown farmer,£75. Kilkeel farmer, £74, £73. Rathfriland farmer, £72. Hilltown farmer, £70 (twice), £69. Cabra farmer, £67. Newcastle farmer, £65.

Full mouth Suffolk rams shown by Attical farmer, £145 and £125.