Armoy Mart: Fat hoggets sell to £100

A good firm trade was had for all sorts of sheep with just over 500 head on offer.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 2:21 pm

Fat hoggets sold to £100 and fat ewes were a great trade topping at £95.00.


S Connelly, Ballymoney, 30kgs, £100. Harold Chambers, Bushmills, 28kgs, £97.00. F McCaughan, Bushmills, 30kgs, £97.00. S J Glenn, Ballycastle, 28kgs, £95.50. Pat Kane, Lagavar, 30kgs, £96.50. B and M McKendry, Armoy, 25kgs, £94.80. Anthony McKeegan, Glenarm, 23kgs, £94.50. Robert Magill, Larne, 28kgs, £94.00. F McCaughan, Bushmills, 25kgs, £96.80. Jas McKendry, Ballymoney, 26kgs, £97.00. Robert Wylie, Clough, 32kgs, £97.00. John Black, Ballycastle, 27kgs, £96.50. David Waide, Clough, 24kgs, £95.00. Ian McClelland, Coleraine, 28kgs, £96.50. Seamus O’Neill, Martinstown, 22kgs, £89.20. John McKinley, Ballycastle, 22kgs, £88.50. S J Glenn, Ballycastle, 24kgs, £83.20. F McCaughan, Bushmills, 24kgs, £94.80.

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P J Dougan, Coleraine, Texels, £95.00. William Nutt, Bushmills, Texels, £87.50. Pat Kane, Bushmills, Suffolk, £89.00. John Dillon, Armoy, Suffolk, £80.50. Tom McCracken, Mosside, Texels, £80.00. Robert Magill, Larne, crossbreds, £70.00. J and J Ferguson, Bushmills, crossbreds £70.00. David Thompson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £74.00. Jas Reilly, Ballycastle, Suffolk, £78.00. G Thompson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £72.00. G Black, Armoy, crossbreds £76.00. A Hanna, Armoy, Suffolk, £73.00. J McKeague, Ballycastle, Texel, £72.50.


A Kane, Mosside, 2 ewes, 2 lambs, £132. B Mullan, Portrush, (in-lamb ewe) £135, £138, £130.


Sold to a top price of £28 but ranged generally from £10 - £25.00.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.