Belfast Airport adopts new Veovo Revenue

Chris McGarry, IT Manager at Belfast International Airport
Chris McGarry, IT Manager at Belfast International Airport
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Belfast International Airport is first in the world to adopt Veovo’s next-generation R8 Revenue Management and Passenger Engagement applications, which form part of Veovo’s Predictive Collaboration Platform for optimised airport operations.

Veovo is the industry’s only operations platform with integrated advanced Revenue Management functionality. This application automates the end-to-end billing cycle, speeds time-to-invoice, and provides the charging flexibility needed to support airline contracts.

We’re thrilled that since going live, Airport staff are saving around five hours a day in manual tasks

The Passenger Engagement solution, in turn, will revitalise Belfast’s passenger communications – new airport-wide flight display screens will offer content tailored by location and traveller needs.

“With traffic up 43% in the past three years, we urgently needed a modern, open platform to help us handle increased passenger numbers and simultaneously deliver a better traveller experience,” said Chris McGarry, IT Manager at Belfast International Airport.

“The Veovo Predictive Collaboration Platform is unparalleled in providing real-time situational clarity and clever automation, while also lowering our operating costs. It’s a great foundation for future growth and passenger engagement innovation.”

The platform encompasses all aspects of airport operations management – connecting, automating and optimising plans and processes against real-time airport events. The airport and its partners can access real-time flight and resourcing information to support quick aircraft turnaround, while streamlining the use of limited infrastructures, such as gates.

Also, the platform helps simplify operations through the automation of several tasks that have, to date, been performed manually.

“We’re thrilled that since going live, Belfast International Airport staff are already saving around five hours a day in manual tasks, and can now better collaborate and address potential issues faster through the platform,” said Chris Warrington, Veovo VP.

Belfast is Northern Ireland’s busiest airport, with over six million passengers a year. It is owned and operated by VINCI Airports, a top-five global player in the international airport sector.