Belfast craft beer business toasts success in Singapore

Belfast-based Irish Craft Beers (ICB) has won its first business in Singapore for its unique Downstream Beer, the world's first using innovative blockchain digital technology which provides full traceability and provenance for consumers.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 5:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:09 pm
Downstream Beer bound for Singapore as the latest export customer won by Irish Craft Beers in Belfast

ICB launched Downstream, which enables drinkers to check the ingredients and every stage of production of the beer from a barcode on the bottles and cans, last year. Drinkers can check details of the beer, including the staff producing it, using an a mobile phone scanner.

“The business in Singapore, our first in Asia, followed an approach from a leading wine importer which had heard about the beer and was keen to diversify its portfolio to include craft beers,” said ICB director Shane McCarthy.

“It’s one of a number of global leads which we are currently following up.

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“We are also talking to major importers in India and Australia and are confident of doing business in these markets soon.

“Interest in Downstream has been growing steadily especially in global markets.”

Downstream is already listed in more than 250 Marks and Spencer stores across the UK as well as in France and the Channel Islands.

ICB partnered with arc-net, a specialist in digital technology for the food industry, in shaping its blockchain expertise for the vibrant craft brewing sector and developed Downstream in conjunction with an established Northern Ireland brewery.

“Blockchain technology allows us to reveal the authenticity behind the brew, so consumers know for certain that what they are drinking doesn’t just taste fantastic, but is real, honest to goodness craft beer,” Mr McCarthy added.

“Downstream is a radical mix of artisanal brewing methods honed by generations and the powerful spirit of today’s digital technology.

“Age old techniques define the characteristics of the beer, while every aspect of its development has been carefully recorded and written to the blockchain as a guarantee of transparency and authenticity.”

ICB is a marketing company specialising in craft beers and spirits. The small company develops products with breweries in Northern Ireland and the Republic. It has also helped several local craft breweries and distilleries win business in the Lebanon.