Branding course to help companies tackle skills shortages

Claes Peyron, MD of Universum for Nordics, UK and Ireland and Sam McIlVeen, GM,
Claes Peyron, MD of Universum for Nordics, UK and Ireland and Sam McIlVeen, GM,
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A new employer branding course launched today in Northern Ireland will aim to help companies tackle skills shortages and attract key talent.

The Employer Branding Academy, run by Universum in partnership with, aims to give recruiters the practical skills, knowledge and expertise to help companies improve their brand attractiveness to employees.

Universum has entered the Northern Ireland marketplace providing valuable insight through technology and data to assist companies tackle key recruitment challenges, including skills shortages.

The company currently works with 1700 brands in 40 markets worldwide with clients such as KPMG, Ikea, Dell and Ericsson.

Claes Peyron, MD of Universum for Nordics, UK and Ireland, says: “It’s essential for companies to assess how they are viewed within the marketplace so that they can develop an attractive employer brand identity.

“At the moment, skills shortages are an ongoing issue for businesses in Northern Ireland so investing in the right tools will ensure that companies can begin to develop their employment value proposition, which ultimately makes them more attractive to employees and more sustainable long-term.

“A strong employer brand identity will help inform business growth, retain skilled workers and stand out from the competition. Many companies are too modest about telling their own story so if they want to survive challenging conditions, now is the time to be bold when competing for talent.”

Sam McIlVeen, general manager at, commented: “The training will deliver a unique and highly in-demand skillset to participants, enabling companies to engage and attract talent, whilst aligning to their overarching business objectives.

“A strong employer brand will provide valuable insight into all aspects of company culture that will encourage job applications in this competitive marketplace for talent.”