Bullocks sell to £1,090 for 530kg at Pomeroy Mart

Another excellent sale on Thursday (May 17th) saw a packed yard of cattle and a packed ringside.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 24th May 2018, 3:01 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:47 am

Prices as follows


James Anderson £1,090/530kg, £1,065/500kg, Barry McCullagh £1,060/420kg, Gerald Rafferty £1,030/510kg, Patrick Hughes £1,015/450kg, C Scott £1,000/400kg, Dermott McAleer £990/480kg, James Anderson £985/490kg, £955/460kg, A Moore £950/400kg, £930/420kg, £910/390kg, P Keenan £900/340kg, £870/360kg, Brian Rafferty £880/360kg, Peter Dobbs £830/370kg, Dominic Hamill £800/340kg, £795/300kg, £730/310kg, Shane Daly £770/420kg, Vincent Daly £760/350kg, £745/320kg, Brian Rafferty £700/300kg, Stephen and Roisin McGurk £650/390kg, Dominic Hamill £640/270kg, £600/270kg and Vincent Daly £580/280kg.


M McGurk £1,155/550kg, £1,060/460kg, £1,050/450kg, £1,040/500kg, £960/420kg, £940/430kg, £925/440kg, £910/410kg, P Keenan £1,070/390kg, Christopher Rafferty £1,060/530kg, Altmore Farm £960/420kg, £955/420kg, £860/370kg, Brian Rafferty £930/360kg, Peter Dobbs £855/410kg, £850/390kg, £830/410kg, £790/350kg, £790/390kg, £730/340kg, M McGurk £845/470kg, £840/410kg, Brian Raffery £800/390kg, £800/320kg, £800/350kg, £740/300kg, P Keenan £785/310kg, Francis McCullagh £760/310kg, £700/300kg, £700/280kg and John and P Lennon £700/290kg.