Coronavirus: 14 day quarantine rule for travellers begins on Monday

New regulations which state that anyone who enters Northern Ireland from outside the Common Travel Area will be required to self isolate for 14 days come into force on Monday.

International arrivals will have to self-isolate from Monday
International arrivals will have to self-isolate from Monday

The Department of Health has issued the latest advice for travellers coming to Northern Ireland from next week.

The new rules will apply to both people who live here and visitors to Northern Ireland as an additional measure in tackling the spread of Covid-19.

The rules include a requirement to provide passenger information and location details and a 14 day quarantine period.

From Monday June 8 –

* Travellers coming back into Northern Ireland from abroad will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

* Visitors to Northern Ireland will not be allowed to leave the place they are staying for the first 14 days except in very limited situations.

* You do not need to self-isolate if you’re travelling to NI from within the Common Travel Area (CTA).

* Some travellers will be exempt from the new rules however exemptions do not apply if you are travelling for personal reasons or if you have symptoms of coronavirus.

Anyone who has a new persistent cough, a fever or loss of smell or taste must self-isolate and follow the public health guidance.

If you refuse to provide passenger information you may be fined £60. If you leave self-isolation within the 14 day period you may be fined £1,000.

The Common Travel Area covers the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The new regulations have already been criticised by Graham Keddie, managing director of Belfast International Airport, who said the quarantine plans had been met “with great disappointment and dismay” and had been imposed without consultation and warned that they could destroy the travel industry in Northern Ireland.