Danske and Bank of Ireland to release new polymer notes in 2019

The new Danske �10 note
The new Danske �10 note
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Danske Bank and Bank of Ireland have each announced that they are to launch new polymer notes on the same day next year.

Bank of Ireland will realease a new £5 and £10 note on February 27, while Danske will release its own new £10 note.

For Danske, it will be the first time it has introduced such a note since, as Northern Bank, it became the first UK bank to issue a ‘plastic’ note in December 1999 to mark the new millennium.

Bank of Ireland’s new notes will be followed in 2020 by a new £20.

All will keep the familiar base design concept of the old paper note - featuring inventor John Dunlop on the Danske £10 and the Bushmills distillery in each of the Bank of Ireland notes.

The current banknote design first went into circulation on April 22, 2008 to coincide with the 400th anniversary of King James 1 granting a license to the area around Bushmills to distil whiskey.

“Bank of Ireland has a rich heritage that includes issuing banknotes for more than 200 years,” said Ian Sheppard, Managing Director NI, Bank of Ireland UK.

“While the design remains familiar the new polymer notes are different in a number of ways. For the first time in our note history, the £10 will have two arrangements of four raised dots in square formation, enabling physical identification for the visually impaired.

“This important development in our note history will ensure our banknotes are cleaner, more durable, more environmentally friendly and more secure than ever before.”