Draperstown (Richard Beattie): Bullocks selling to £1,360

There was another outstanding sale last Friday at Richard Beattie's Draperstown Mart.

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 10:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 4:52 am

Prices remained strong with bullocks selling to up to £1,360 for 650kg, heifers sold to £1,265 for 600kg, weanlings sold to up to £885, suckler cows sold to £1,720 and fat cows sold to £1,176 for 840kg.


Alfred Thom £1,360/650kg, £220/600kg, P and D McCrory £1,295/610kg, Robert Wilson £1,185/5550kg, £1,170/540kg, £1,130/640kg, £1,120/530kg, £1,085/490kg, £1,060/540kg, £1,060/500kg, £1,000/470kg, £995/510kg, £995/500kg, Emma McSloy £1,160/570kg, £1,130/570kg, £1,100/540kg, £980/520kg, P and D McCrory £1,150/550kg, Robert Dundee £1,100/530kg, £1,050/540kg, May Faulkner £995/470kg, William Davis £970/500kg, R Mawhinney £965/430kg, Robert Wilson £965/470kg, £960/470kg, £950/470kg, £940/440kg, Eugene McGuigan £920/430kg, £885/420kg and R Mawhinney £900/400kg.

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Joseph Dickson £1,265/600kg, £1,095/590kg, £1,090/570kg, £1,170/570kg, £1,060/560kg, £1,035/490kg, Patrick McWilliam £1,255/640kg, Alex Bradley £1,050/570kg, £1,040/500kg, £1,010/520kg, £1,000/480kg, £975/510kg, £970/470kg, £970/470kg, £955/490kg, Patrick McWilliams £1040/590kg, Alex Bradley £1020/470kg, John Canavan £1015/560kg, Joseph Dickson £980/460kg, Patrick McWilliams £980/540kg, £975/580kg, £950/540kg, John Canavan £950/520kg, Alex Bradley £935/460kg, £920/500kg, £920/500kg, £905/470kg, Sean and Dermot McReynalds £905/440kg and Joseph Dickson £900/460kg, £900/450kg.


S and A Conway £885/410kg, £800/370kg, £795/360kg, £770/360kg, £755/340kg, £740/310kg, Barry McKenna £770/320kg, £760/380kg, £750/350kg, £725/310kg, £705/350kg, £690/280kg, £675/300kg, Colm McGarvey £745/340kg, Eugene Kelly £740/340kg, £675/320kg, Moore Bros £740/440kg, S Gourney £720/390kg, Rose Ward £710/290kg, Moore Bros £690/370kg and Colm McGarvey £675/270kg, £675/300kg.


Eugene Kelly £860/330kg, £720/310kg, £710/390kg, A Devine £745/330kg, Barry McKenna £715/370kg, Coln McGarvey £700/340kg, £615/280kg, £600/260kg, Barry McKenna £695/320kg, £645/310kg, £600290kg, £600/280kg, £600/280kg, £600/290kg, £550/270kg, R O’Kane £675/380kg and Eugene Kelly £660/280kg.


Patrick Brogan £1,720, £1,520, £1,500, £1,450, £1,420, £1,405, £1,380, £1,380, £1,300, £1,200, £1,160, £1,130, £1,035, £1,020, £1010 and £1,000.


Philomena McGlinchey £1,176/840kg, H Nugent £1,169.20/740kg, £1,155.20/760kg, Michael McNally £1,128.90/710kg, £1,116/600kg,£1,092/520kg, Robert Overend £1,125.60/670kg, Joseph Doris £1,104/690kg, Patrick McWilliams £1,10220/660kg, Hugh Nugent £1,064/700kg, £1,020/750kg, £1,051.20/720kg, John Canavan £1,042.50/750kg, Michael McNally £1,011.20/640kg, W Patterson £1,008/720kg, Michael McNally £1,004.50/490kg, Danny McMaster £985.50/730kg, H Nugent £975/650kg, £970.90/730kg, £943.80/660kg, Danny McMaster £942.50/650kg, Niall Donaghy £938.40/680kg and Patrick Taggart £905.20/730kg.