Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Bullocks sell to £1,400

Great demand for cattle on Friday (July 20th) sold to a packed ringside.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:14 pm

Bullocks sold to £1,400 for 710kg, heifers sold to £1,265 for 550kg, weanlings sold to up to £950, suckler cows sold to £1,400 and fat cows sold to £1,485.20 for 940kg.


Gary Arthur £1,400/710kg, £1,400/770kg, £320/670kg, Brendan McCloskey £1,400/720kg, £1,365/720kg, £1,240/600kg, £1,190/590kg, James Chivers £1,200/490kg, £1,195/520kg, £1,115/520kg, £1,110/500kg, £1,100/480kg, £1,080/540kg, £1,080/470kg, £1,080/510kg, £1,070/460kg £1,000/530kg, Gerard Mooney £1,150/610kg, £1,080/570kg, £995/540kg, £900/550kg, Michael Lagan £985/580kg, £900/500kg, £875/510kg, Paul Boone £970/400kg and Gary Speer £920/490kg.

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J Kearney £1,265/550kg, £1,140/560kg, William Johnston £1,190/650kg. £1,155/550kg, £1,125/550kg, £1,055/520kg, E J and J N Doris £990/470kg, £990/480kg, £940/490kg, £900/460kg, William Johnston £900/520kg, Gerard Mooney £890/510kg, Paul Boone £860/440kg, F Conway £850/490kg, £800/480kg, £800/480kg, £795/470kg, Michael Lagan £820/510kg, £810/480kg and Paul Boone £790/410kg.


Brian McFall £950/390kg, S Moore £940/390kg, £925/310kg, £825/380kg, £800/400kg, Declan Rafferty £700/370kg, £640/300kg, £635/310kg, Brendan McCrory £700/370kg and Robert Hessin £535/280kg.


Hugh Gribbin £805/400kg, £705/320kg, £700/350kg, £600/260kg, J Kearney £620/280kg, Declan Lavery £570/240kg, Robert Hessin £550/300kg, £550/310kg and Declan Lavery £535/280kg.


Michael McGlade £1,485.20/940kg, E J and J N Doris £1,307.20/860kg, Catherine O’Hara £1,170/670kg, Gerald Haughey £1,085/850kg, P and A Miller £1,092/650kg, Brendan McCrory £1,087.70/730kg, Peter Kealey £1,078.70/6760kg,Robert Hessin £1,029.60/660kg, Michael Mcglade £1,026/540kg, E Doris £1,022.40/710kg, Eamon Dougan £1,004.40/540kg, Hugh O’Hagan £1,002/600kg, E Doris £1,001/770kg, John Green £984/600kg, Kathleen McCloskey £979.60/620kg, Terence Duffin £951.20/580kg, Patricia Devlin £948/600kg, Kathleen Mccloskey £936/520kg, McKinney Bros £912.60/780kg, K McCloskey £896.70/610kg, £843.60/570kg and Trevor Paul £889.60/640kg.