DUP MP supporting local pubs campaign

DUP MP Jim Shannon
DUP MP Jim Shannon
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The chancellor should consider cutting beer tax to help boost pubs which are “at the heart of communities,” in constituencies such as Strangford, the DUP’s Jim Shannon has said.

Mr Shannon said he backs the UK-wide ‘Long Live the Local’ campaign as the brewing industry and pubs support 651 jobs, as well as contributing £14.8 million each year, to the economy of the area.

The Strangford MP said drinkers in the UK were paying 40% of all beer tax across the EU, despite drinking only 12% of the beer, and that the heavy taxes were forcing three pubs a day to close.

“I’m supporting the Long Live the Local campaign and calling on the chancellor to cut beer tax at this year’s budget to support pubs in our local communities,” he said.

The campaign celebrates pubs whilst educating the public about the challenges they face,