Fat ewes sell to £123 at Gortin Mart

A full yard of stock with fat lambs selling to £115 and fat ewes selling to £123.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:40 pm


Sean Daly £115/31kg, Paul Muldoon £110/36kg, Fearghal McKenna £103.50/29kg, C and E McGarvey £103/30kg, Keith McAdoo £102.20/28kg, Marie and Seamus Conway £101/27kg, J and M O’Connor £101/27kg, David Scott £100/25kg, M McGurk £100/26kg, Reid Clarke £100/24kg, Marie and Seamus Conway £100/27kg, Keith McAdoo £100/27kg, Liam Keenan £99/25kg, M McCullagh £99/25kg, Sean McElhone £98.80/26kg, Edward Farrell £98.50/25kg, Sean McEldowney £98.50/25kg, Fearghal McKenna £98.50/25kg, Sean McEldowney £98.50/25kg, David Scott £98.50/25kg, Sean Daly £98/22kg, M McGurk £96.80/24kg, Kennedy Hunter £96/24kg, Derek McKinney £95/25kg and C and E McGarvey £95/24kg.


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Mary Devine £86.50, Edward Cartin £86.50 and Ciaran McLaughlin £86.


John Young £123, F McFarland £120, Kennedy Hunter £110, Samuel Pauley £105, R Lynch £104, Derek McCullagh £100, R Wilson £100, Kevin Woods £100, John Young £99, Ciaran McLaughlin £97,£96, Vincent Keenan £96, James Hamilton £95, Mary Devine £94, Edward Farrell £90, Stanley Wilson £90, Ronald Scott £90, Colin Kildune £90, Ciaran McLaughlin £89.50 and Derek McKinney £87.


James McKernan £220, £220, £192, Omagh farmer £220, £218, £210, £202, £200, Sean McEldowney £152, £150, £140, £138 and David Hempton £150.