Fat lambs sell to £87.50 for 25kg at Gortin Mart

Fat lambs remain a steady trade selling to £87.50/25kg.

Thursday, 19th July 2018, 1:14 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th July 2018, 1:18 pm

Store lambs sold to £79 and fat ewes sold to £96.50.


William McFarland £87.80/25kg, Peter Devine £87/29kg, S Moore £87/24kg, Samuel Allen £86/23kg, James O’Hahon £86/23kg, C and M Blair £86/24kg, Eamon McBrien £85.50/24kg, S and A Conway £85.20/23kg, Robert Lecky £84.80/22kg, Andrew Sloane £84/22kg, Robert McKelvey £84/24kg, Gordan Blair £83.50/22kg, Sam Hawkes £83/22kg, James McDermott £83/22kg, Kevin Woods £83/23kg, Alan Boyd £82.50/22kg, Stanley Hopper £82/22kg, C and M Blair £81/21kg, Alistair Moore £81/22kg and Sam Hawkes £80.

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Anthony Carlin £79, Colin Kildunne £77, Anthony Carlin £76.50, Kieran Fox £75.50 and Gerald Lagan £74.80.


Derek Kerr £96.50, Ross Temple £85, Kevin Woods £84, Robert Smyth £80, Seamus Hegarty £79.50, £79.50, Leslie Buchanan £72 and Brendan McCrory £71.50.