Firm trade for cattle at Lisahally Mart

Cattle sold to a firm trade on Wednesday.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 2:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 2:52 am

Prices as follows


H Moore £1,180/580kg, £1,150/560kg, John Beattie £1,100/610kg, £1,045/600kg, £995/570kg, £965/600kg, £915/610kg, £900/510kg, £845/580kg, £800/560kg, £800/490kg, George Hamilton £1,075/560kg, £960/550kg,£875/540kg, William Evans £930/530kg, £840/490kg, £830/530kg, David Hunter £820/340kg, C Scott £885/400kg, £760/460kg, John Beattie £755/520kg, £730/540kg and David Hunter £750/340kg.

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John McWilliams £1,155/610kg, £1,055/620kg, Denis Heaney £1,065/590kg, Keith Cunningham £1,040/560kg, George Hamilton £985/540kg, £980/560kg, John Beattie £925/530kg, S Devine £900/450kg, Keith Cunningham £880/480kg, John Beattie £870/520kg, S Kelly £860/390kg, £840/380kg, £835/400kg, Liam Devine £840/450kg, £840/440kg, William Evans £830/460kg, A Daly £815/390kg, £770/360kg, Denis Heaney £755/380kg, L Mullan £755/370kg, £740/380kg and Paul O’Kane £645/370kg, £600/360kg.

A strong trade for fat lambs selling up to £90 on Tuesday, store lambs sold to £75.


Claudy farmer £90.20/29kg, John Adair £90/25kg, David McMurray £90/27kg, John Brolly £90/27kg, Cyril Daldon £89.20/26kg, S Kelly £89/25kg, Alan Guy £89/28kg, Brian Johnston £89/25kg, D R S Moore £8780/24kg, Hilary Deery £87.20/23kg, David Smyth £8720/26kg, Norman Ruthledge £86.50/24kg, Martin O’Connor £86.20/25kg, Norman Thompson £85.50/25kg, Michael Deery £85/24kg, Andrew Riley £83.50/25kg, Robert Blckburn £83/22kg, Hugh McNicholl £83/24kg, Norman Rutledge £82.80/22kg, Andrew Riley £82.20/24kg, Thomas Henderson £82/24kg, John Grant £81.50/23kg and K McGee £80.50/22kg.


G Daly £75, £74.50, £72.80, £70, £67.20,Bryan Jackson £72.80, S Kelly £72, £70, £68, £62, L Reid £72, David McCullagh £73.80, £69, £59, £57, Nesbitt Brothers £69, J Morrison £67 and T Moore £65, £63, £50.


D Lynch £80, A Clarke £78, £75, K Olphert £72, £69, Nesbitt Brothers £66 and John Brolly £62.