Glarryford Young Farmers keep warm by staying busy this winter

The winter months saw Glarryford YFC welcome 18 new members into the ranks.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 9:00 am
Members with awards won at the annual county dinner

Members attended the annual county dinner. A massive well done to all that received awards.

Mitchell Park represented Northern Ireland at the Farmers Weekly Competition, Farmers Apprentice.

At the public speaking heats, seven members made it through and at the Northern Ireland finals, six members were placed.

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The winning senior county quiz team

In the 12-14 age group prepared, first James Gregg and third Amy Gregg.

14-16 age group prepared, second Adam Gaston.

16-18 age group prepared, third Eva Gaston.

18-21 age group impromptu, first Ellen King.

The choir, trained by Robyn Bell

21-25 age group prepared, second Cathy Reid.

In the floral art heats, Catherine Armstrong was placed third in 25-30 age group.

At the county quiz, Glarryford YFC’s senior team won.

At the 75th annual club dinner the club were joined by the manager of Ballymena United, David Jeffrey, who was a guest speaker on the night.

The new office bearers

In the group debating heats, two teams were placed, 12-14 age group first Jack King, Deon Fleming and Emily McIntyre. 21-25 age group second Cathy Reid, Ellen King and Ruth McCloy, who were then placed second in the Northern Ireland finals.

In the choir competition, Glarryford YFC won best choral piece and came third overall.

At the AGM, Thomas Compton took up the post of club leader, Amy King and Cathy Reid jointly became secretary, Adam Crawford and Ellen King took on treasurer and PRO respectively for the second year.

As the arts festival season is back, Glarryford YFC have welcomed two brand new producers, Neil Johnston and Nicole Wray.

Club patron, Ernest OHara and the youngest member, Annie Gilliland, who cut the cake at the 75th anniversary dinner

Forty two members went on stage to perform ‘Let the Games Begin’, which was based at the Greek Olympics and showed “that sisters can do it for themselves”.

Glarryford YFC will be performing at the gala in the Millennium Forum on March 16.

The two group debating teams at the Northern Ireland finals
Club leader, Catherine Armstrong and secretary, Jessica Reid, at the 75th anniversary club dinner
4. The six public speaking winners
Club members who attended a club meeting at Scott McGarrys gym
Musicians, James from 'Fun with Drums and pianist, Grace Dornan
Club members at the arts festival dress rehearsal
Producer Neil Johnston, taking the annual arts festival selfie
Producers, Neil Johnston and Nicole Wray