Gortin Mart: Breeding hoggets sell to £132

An excellent entry of sheep sold to a packed ringside.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 11:12 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:16 pm

Fat lambs sold to £90, store lambs sold to £72, fat ewes sold to £108 and breeding hoggets sold to £132.


D McFarland £90/28kg, C Bradley £86.20/25kgStephen Lindsay £86/25kg, William Ferguson £86/25kg, W Spence £85.50/25kg, Francis Conway £85.50/24kg, J and M O’Connor £84/24kg, A McCullagh £84/24kg, John Young £84/4kg, G Lennox £84/24kg, Leona Young £84/24kg, Glenn Cuddy £82.20/24kg, Peter Mulholland £82/23kg, Alan Hempton £82/23kg, David Hempton £82/23kg, Samuel Pauley £82/23kg, A and A J Hetherington £82/23kg, Michael Falls £81.50/24kg, W and S Lees £80/23kg, A Hamilton £80/23kg and Francis O’Donnell £79.80/22kg.

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David McFarland £108, William Patterson £105, John Doherty £101.50, D McFarland £101, James O’Hagan £92.50, John Doherty £90, Adrian Hamilton £88, Martin Devlin £82, W Patterson £81, R Boyd £80.50, A McCullagh £79, W Gilmore £78 and L Young £78.


Dominic Gormley £132, £132, £132, Colin Mullin £132, £128, £125, David Devine £128, £126, R and J Robinson £126, Martin McGirr £124, Robert Hamilton £124, £22, Colin Mullin £122, William Ferguson £118, Dominic Gormley £118, J and M O’Connor £118, R and J Robinson £118, Dominic Gormley £118, Colin Mullan £114, £110, R and J Robinson £112 and William Gilmour £94.