Gortin Mart: Fat lambs sell to £92.50

Fat lambs sold to £92.50/28kg at Monday's sale.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 3:05 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 3:30 am

Store lambs sold to £77.

An excellent entry of stock sold to a swift trade.


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E and J Speers £92.50/28kg, Arthur McGuigan £90.20/27kg, A McFarland £90.20/29kg, Stewart Patterson £89.50/28kg, Aubrey McKelvey £89.20/24kg, J Tanney £89.20/25kg, Samuel Pauley £89/24kg, Liam Gormley £88/26kg, T Crawford £88/25kg, Martin Harpur £87.50/23, Davkg, Roaemary and Chis McCullagh £87.50/24kg, William Patterson £87.50/25.50kg, Brian McCarron £87/24kg, Neal Collins £86/23kg, David Hempton £85/25kg, S Porter £85/23kg, Liam Gormley £85/25kg, David Baxter £84.20/23kg, Ray Wilson £83/23kg, Stewart Paterson £83/23kg, S Mallon £83/23kg and Gerard Crosson £80/23kg.


Gerard Crosson £77, David Hempton £75.50, S Lynch £75.50, £70, £68, Gerard Christy £75, Ray Wilson £73, J Pickens £72.80, Martin Devlin £71.50, S Daly £70 and Martin Devlin £70.


S Lynch £78, £75, £71, Gordan Gibson £71, Ray Wilson £70, Daniel Morris £70, I McCutcheon £70, Nesbitt Brothers £68, £65, S Porter £66 and Gordan Gibson £65.