Healthier lungs mean healthier calves

Eringold Super OXI Calf Milk Replacer is designed specifically to combat respiratory problems in young calves and is proving to be a huge benefit on calf rearing farms throughout the country.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 3rd April 2016, 8:19 am

Chris Mollan of Eringold called in to discuss the benefits of the product with Andrew Christie manager of Fane Valley Stores, Ballycastle.

Oxi Plus is a unique blend of essential oils developed by Schils which is added to calf milk replacers to prevent respiratory problems.

The product is a result of intensive research and extensive trials carried out on Schils own trial farms in Holland.

Following its launch at EuroTeir last November in Germany, it is proven to be a very effective aid in rearing healthy and strong calves. Veterinary costs are considerably reduced on farm owing to a reduction in respiratory problems.

Eringold Oxi plus supports the health of the respiratory tract of calves by providing specific essential oils that help break down mucus and open up the air ways.

A recent trial conducted on the Schils trial farm showed positive effects of these essential oils on the health, growth and feed intake of calves.

The affects are confirmed now in everyday practice on farms in many different countries.

Research shows that the more milk consumed by the young calf within the first 12 weeks of life will pay huge dividends later on. Because of the high digestibility of the product it is well suited to rearing beef calves, and dairy replacement heifers where the aim is to get heifers calving down at 24 months.

Thus increasing the prospect of increased milk production in the first lactation and studies show this will be sustained throughout her lifetime.

Schils protection plus is included in all of the Eringold range which includes polyclonal antibodies and probiotic bacteria for colostrum supplementation and gut conditioning to boost the calf’s own defence against a broad spectrum of common disorders. This stimulates the intake of concentrates and forage thereby encouraging easy weaning.

The range is also freeflow tested to ensure that it will easily run through any automatic feeder and is widely available throughout a large network of merchants.

For further information go to the website at or call Chris on 07739061672 or Robert on 07770775212.