How to get the best electricity deals in Northern Ireland

Everyone wants to cut their household bills ... here's one way to help
Everyone wants to cut their household bills ... here's one way to help
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When it comes to paying out month after month, shaving some money off the regular expenses – like energy bills – could really add up.

Now Moneygains is helping households save precious pounds, by using its unique Northern Ireland electricity prices comparison site. 

The free, accurate and simple to use NI energy comparison site quickly tracks down the cheapest deals.

And with average savings of £52 off the cost of your annual bill, not only can users check they’re not paying out too much, they could even end up quids in.

Moneygains is a new service exclusive to Northern Ireland households which instantly checks all tariffs and suppliers to ensure users are getting the best deal possible.

By carrying out regular NI energy comparison checks, householders can keep on top of regularly changing tariffs - so they can be sure they’re not playing over the odds.

Until now, it’s been tricky to check Northern Ireland electricity prices online, which meant households may have lost out on getting the very best deals.

But Moneygains has been specifically designed as an energy comparison NI site, giving unique access to information that’s relevant to local households.

It does it by using a custom-made electricity comparison tool, which carries out an instant NI electricity comparison across all providers: Click Energy, Electric Ireland, Budget Energy, Power NI and SSE Airtricity.

Director of Moneygains, Arthur Nicholson, urged householders to make the online electricity comparison tool part of their regular household budget routine.

“We live busy lives and trying to find time to search for the best electricity deal used to be quite time-consuming,” he said.

“Now it’s available at the push of a button. Not only do users save time searching for a new tariff, they can easily see the best deal.

“Making this part of a regular household budget routine ensures they’ll always be in control.”

Moneygains is also working with a number of electricity providers to offer households who want to switch accounts a fast and simple service.

While NI electricity prices are among Europe’s best value, tariffs can often change making regularly shopping around for the best deal a must.

All you need to get started is the name of your current supplier, tariff, payment method and your annual consumption – which is usually found on your bill.

Then it’s just a case of entering the detail in Moneygain’s ingenious calculator to compare electricity prices.

Ready to check for the best electricity tariff for you? Compare NI electricity prices at