Latest prices from Raphoe

There was a good entry of sheep at Raphoe on Monday with an excellent trade for all stock on offer.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th April 2018, 8:49 am
Updated Friday, 20th April 2018, 9:06 am

Spring lambs sold at: €120 to €140 for 38-43kgs; €140 to €160 for 43-48kgs; €160 to €178 for 48-55kgs.

Top prices for spring lambs: 32 kgs - €118; 40 kgs - €135; 44 kgs - €159; 48 kgs - €177.

Hoggets sold at: €100 to €120 for 38-44kgs; €120 to €140 for 44-48kgs; €140 to €159 for 48-65kgs

Ewes with one lamb sold from €130 to €190. Ewes with two lambs sold from €180 to €288. Dry ewes sold from €80 to €145.

Another great entry of stock at the cattle sale in Raphoe on Thursday saw improved trade for most stock with trade brisk for all quality and continental cattle, while friesian cattle proved more difficult to sell.

Bullocks sold to €915 over the weight and heifers sold to €945 over.. Bullocks sold from €2.20/kg to €2.90/kg. Bulls sold from €2.10/kg to €3.10/kg. Heifers sold from €2.20/kg to €3.20/kg. Fat cows sold from €615/head to €1930/head.

Beef bullocks - €720 to €915 over; Store bullocks - €400 to €830 over; Beef heifers - €535 to €945 over; Store heifers - €350 to €900 over; Dry cows - €615 to €1930 each

Upcoming sales: Weanling Night Sale on Tuesday, April 24. Intake from 4.30pm and sale at 7pm..

Regular sales: Sheep sale every Monday at 11am. Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.