Lisahally Mart: Fat lambs selling to £92.20 for 25kg

A steady trade this week at Lisahally Mart with fat lambs selling to £92.20 for 25kg.

Thursday, 30th November 2017, 9:40 am
Updated Thursday, 30th November 2017, 9:44 am

Prices as follows


L Mullan £92.20/25kg, Robert Lowry £91.50/23kg, David McMurray £91/26kg, £91/26kg, Norman Thompson £90.50/24kg, C Moran £90/27kg, Mathew Blair £90/24kg, Robert Lowry £90/25kg, Fergus Cooke £89/24kg, Jennifer Smyth £88.80/24kg, C Clarke £88/25kg, Robrt Lowry £87/24kg, Martin O’Connor £86/24kg, Patrick Sharkey £85.80/24kg, Gerard Doherty £85.50/23kg, Marie McGuinness £84/23kg C Moran £84/23kg, S Devine £83.50/22kg, John McHugh £82.80/23kg, Martin O’Connor £80.80/22kg, Gerard Doherty £80/21kg, S Devine £80/22kg, S Daly £79/22kg, Alwyn Fleming £78/21kg and Linda Gourley £75.80/21kg.

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J J Dalton £73.80, Alaistair Glenn £73.50, J Smyth £73, H Deery £69.50, D McLaughlin £50.50 and W Orr £48.50.


Hilary Derry £80, C Spence £73, £64, £64 and D Hall £72, £70, £68.