Mentors joins Brightwater Group

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Mentors, a team of senior business advisors who provide expert mentorship services to a range of clients in various sectors, is to become part of the Brightwater Group, it has been announced.

The Mentors team draws from years of executive experience in best-in-class multi-national companies such as Smurfit, Diageo, INM and Glanbia.

Mentorship services are provided through highly experienced former executives who act as a combination of mentor, coach and senior advisor- as well as chairperson and / or non-executive director where required. These services can be for the client organisation as a whole, or for specific individuals (or groups) within the organisation, such as the managing director.

While clients to date have typically been SMEs and state sponsored bodies, the service is also highly relevant to early stage companies and multi-nationals.

Brightwater Group MD Barbara McGrath, who will take on the additional role as chair of Mentors said: “The Mentors team boast deep industry knowledge across all major sectors and functional areas including strategy, finance, sales and marketing, compliance and operations / technology.

“They can advise on how to overcome the major business challenges such as growth, governance, organisational optimisation, change management and operational efficiency – all with a view to increasing shareholder and enterprise value.

“Additionally, they provide executive coaching for individuals within organisations who, for example, are stepping up to a greater leadership role within their organisation.”

Ronan Harbison will assume day-to-day responsibility for the business as Commercial Director.

Meanwhile, the new Mentors Board will comprise Barbara McGrath (Chair) and John Lacy. Brightwater has been under new ownership since October last year following a recapitalisation led by Barbara McGrath, (Managing Director), John O’Donnell (Finance Director), and Estelle Davis (Executive Search Director). The deal was supported by Capital Step (now part of Duke Royalty) – a UK-based finance house active in Ireland – and financiers John Hannon and John Lacy. Originally specialising in accountancy, Brightwater responded to clients’ needs by extending its professional service offering to eventually cover 16 disciplines.

From 1998 to 2009, the company grew remarkably.