NI is still in economic doldrums – and all we do is just talk about it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
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The latest report from Ulster University tells us that Northern Ireland’s economy is continuing to be uncompetitive.

This lack of modern efficiency standards is not new, nor indeed are the reports and comments.

It has been afflicting us since the 1920s and we continue to talk, but do nothing.

We can all think of examples of lack of action, from politicians, through public servants, private sector and indeed individually. There is a considerable lack of ‘get up and go’. Have the best people ‘got up and gone’?

We lack imagination, we lack the knowledge of what other people do in other competing places and if we do know, we don’t rise to the challenge.

You may say this is general. But a few examples.

A housing project in GB would take two years, but NI budgets for three years. The transport hub in Belfast first floated some 30 years ago now maybe deliverable by 2023. A five month fabrication contract runs five months late. The energy-from-waste-plant after some 10 years planning and multiple international visits was stopped by political naivety. No government because politicians are hung up on issues which will not affect most of us – this hang up reflects our lack of progressive vision.

We should support what is correct for the whole community and not what some political slogan says.

It is time more of us stopped accepting third best and demanded the best.

We would all be happier , healthier and maybe even be able to pay our way.

Tom Ekin, businessman, ex-Alliance councillor and Lord Mayor of Belfast, BT9