Record prices at Draperstown - Richard Beattie

An excellent entry of stock at Draperstown on Good Friday with more record prices achieved. Bullocks £1515/730kg, heifers £1270/650kg, weanlings up to £1090 and fat cows £1178.40

Bullocks: Gary Arthur £1515/730kg, £1350/650kg, Norman McAllistair £1320/600kg, £1290/640kg, £1275/630kg, £1210/610kg, James Boyd £1265/600KG, £1155/550kg, £1145/530kg, £1125/590kg, Seamus Loughran £1165/560kg, Charles Loughran £1160/530kg, £1100/480kg, £1090/510kg, £1055/480kg, £1000/430kg, £980/430kg, £110/480kg, Peter Quinn £1120/490kg, £1120/510kg, £1010/440kg, £1000/510kg, £975/510kg, £970/490kg, E Biggar £1110/450kg, £1080/410kg, £1040/410kg, £960/390kg, James Boyd £1000/540kg, C Convery £990/430kg, S Moore £975/400kg, Cecil Bates £965/510kg, Charles Loughran £955/370kg, £945/480kg.

Heifers: Kevin McCann £1270/650kg, £1230/540kg, £1210/640kg, Peter Quinn £1125/540kg, £1100/510kg, £1080/470kg, £1035/490kg, £1020/500kg, £1000/510kg, £960/520kg, William Moore £1080/470kg, £1020/530kg, £1000/510kg, £970/550kg, £900/480kg, £900/470kg, £890/450kg, £875/440kg, Brian Lagan £925/410kg, £860/400kg, £855/380kg, Cecil Bates £900/490kg, £900/460kg, £870/500kg, Sean Muldoon £895/470kg, £885/460kg, Peter Quinn £875/490kg,William Moore £855/410kg, E Biggar £850/400kg, Brain Lagan £850/410kg, C Convery £845/410kg.

Weanlings male: D McLaughlin £1090/390kg, £930/310kg,Philip Biggar £1030/460kg, John Convery £1015/410kg, James Millar £1015/500kg, Girthill Farms £1000/410kg, Kenneth McKinstry £995/370kg, E Biggar £995/410kg, John Convery £980/450kg, £970/420kg, £950/470kg, Gorthill Farms £940/370kg, £935/400kg, £905/330kg, A Moore £930/450kg, £920/400kg, Pat McKenna £920/340kg, John Convery £900/440kg, E Biggar £900/410kg, Philip Biggar £890/410kg, £850/320kg, John Quinn £890/340kg, Ian McAleese £890/430kg, A Moore £880/450kg, James Millar £845/400kg, Joseph McHugh £845/380kg, Kennedy Watters £830/290kg, £800/330kg, William Mulholland £810/280kg, Pat McKenna £805/310kg, John Quinn £805/320kg, A Moore £805/360kg, John Convery £800/340kg, C Kealey £800/370kg, P McKenna £785/300kg.

Weanlings female: Mark Seffen £880/370kg, James Millar £870/410kg, John McConnell £870/460kg, £925/450kg, E Biggar £855/390kg, James Chivers £845/420kg, £840/410kg, £800/390kg, £800/360kg, £795/370kg, Kennedy Watters £810/410kg, £785/330kg, £775/360kg, David Glasgow £795/290kg£790/370kg, E Biggar £780/360kg, J Chivers £795/370kg, £755/350kg, Ian McAleese £765/370kg, David Glasgow £760/30kg, R Artt £735/280kg.

Fat cows: Gilbert Crawford £1178.40/1040kg, Kenneth McKinstry £1602/890kg, W Lyons £1385.80/820kg, R Ramsey £1235/650kg, Seamus Quigg £1183/700kg, James Miller £1174.20/570kg, Bernard Campbell £1146.10/730kg, Joseph McHugh £1128.80/680kg, Ian McAleese £1110.20/610kg, Francis Quigley £1078.80/620kg, Niall Dallas £1058.60/670kg, W Lyons £1056/660kg, Seamus Quigg £1050.20/590kg, Columba Feeney £1043.20/640kg, John Lowe £1019.20/490kg, Bernard Campbell £1018.70/610kg, Brian Young £1015.30/710kg, Peter Fox £991.60/670kg.