Servicing key to turbine performance

Correct service and maintenance is key to both the life span of a wind turbine as well as ensuring optimum performance.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 6th November 2016, 7:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:01 pm
Green Energy Wind service team member Nolene Trainor.
Green Energy Wind service team member Nolene Trainor.

Green Energy Wind, with its servicing and maintenance department, is on hand to provide expert labour, advice and guidance.

For a fixed cost, Green Energy Wind can offer peace of mind on the turbine with a package of support services. The support options are split up into three different services which can be provided individually or as a whole.

1. Service and

Maintenance Agreement with 24/7 Remote

Monitoring and Reset


This includes two annual checks ensuring the turbine is in good working order, as well as making any adjustments which may be required. Green Energy Wind’s Remote Monitoring enables the company to immediately resolve most faults, or quickly determine if a site visit is needed for a manual fix. This monitoring reduces downtime of the turbine, increasing it’s production potential.

2. 95% Guaranteed


Green Energy Wind strive to ensure that customers get maximum energy production from their wind turbine. Green Energy Wind agrees that the turbine will be available and online 95% which the company backs with a compensation payment if the target is not met. With this option, customers can be sure that they will not lose out due to downtime.

3. Extended Warranty

This option ensures that 100% of the cost of non-consumables and labour to replace failed components is covered for the duration of the agreement. This is an excellent option as it will cover any remaining exposure for wind farm risk that insurance does not cover.

By choosing all three packages, Green Energy Wind will also provide quarterly reports, which will depict various readings detailing a site’s performance, production, downtime, and fault reports. 

To discuss this further please contact the Green Energy Wind Service Dept on Tel +44(0) 28 4377 1989.