Store bullocks sell to £960 at Lisnaskea

Another good entry of cattle on offer at Lisnaskea sales last week sold to a brisk demand for all sorts.

Leading prices:

STORE BULLOCKS: Lisnaskea producer 510kg Ch to £960. Derryharney producer 560kg Sim to £950, 420kg Lim to £920 and 500kg Lim to £905. Magheraveely producer 470kg Sim to £840 and 450kg Sim to £775.

STORE HEIFERS: Lisnaskea producer 650kg Lim to £1085. Brookeborough producer 530kg Ch to £995. Derryharney producer 550kg Sim to £995 and 420kg Sim to £820. Belturbet producer 510kg Lim to £875 and 420kg Her to £820. Rosslea producer 510kg Lim to £875 and 410kg Lim to £820. Derrylin producer 400kg Her to £625 twice. Derrylin producer 380kg Ch to £615 and 360kg Daq to £585. Newtownbutler producer 400kg Lim to £610, 380kg Lim to £600, 340kg Lim to £580, 360kg Lim to £575, 340kg Lim to £550, 380kg Lim to £540, 350kg Lim to £535 and 330kg Lim to £530.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisnaskea producer 360kg Ch to £800, 350kg Ch to £780 and 400kg Lim to £750. Newtownbutler producer 420kg Lim to £795, 270kg Sim to £630, 290kg Sim to £605 and 250kg Sim to £500. Newtownbutler producer 380kg Sim to £720, 320kg Sim to £695, 340kg Sim to £690, 340kg Sim to £650, 290kg S/H to £620, 270kg Ch to £600 and 310kg Sim to £590. Derrygonnelly producer 350kg Sim to £705, 300kg Sim to £602, 290kg Sim to £590 and 250kg Sim to £500. Derrylin producer 330kg Ch to £650. Rosslea producer 280kg Ch to £625. Florencecourt producer 300kg Her to £610. Newtownbutler producer 300kg Ch to £600 and 230kg Lim to £495. Derrylin producer 250kg Ch to £610. Garrison producer 280kg Ch to £610, 230kg Ch to £520 and 200kg Ch to £460. Derrylin producer 250kg Daq to £545 and 200kg Daq to £440. Newtownbutler producer 220kg S/H to £540, 230kg S/H to £530, 200kg S/H to £455, 180KG S/H to £455, amd and 200kg S/H to £452. Lisnaskea producer 230kg CH to £515 and 230KG CH to £510.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Derrylin producer 390kg Ch to £720, 320kg Ch to £670, 360kg Lim to £650 and 220kg Ch to £565. Derrylin producer 300kg Daq to £685, 200kg S/H to £455 and 200kg S/H to £452. Newtownbutler producer 270kg Lim to £550. Newtownbutler producer 220kg Ch to £530. Newtownbutler producer 260kg Lim to £485. Rosslea producer 230kg Ch to £465, 230kg Ch to £435 and 210kg Ch to £400.

COWS & CALVES: Lisnaskea producer 07 cow and bull calf to £1170. Newtownbutler producer heifer and bull calf to £820.