Suckler cows sell to £2,300 at Lisahally Mart

A large entry of stock on Wednesday (July 4th) sold to a packed ringside.

Tuesday, 10th July 2018, 1:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:54 pm

Prices as follows:


Herbert Dixon £995/520kg, £970/470kg, £930/450kg, £910/460kg, R and G Mutch £980/540kg, Alexander McLaughlin £925/430kg, £915/440kg, £915/460kg, £830/420kg, £775/420kg, R and G Mutch £905/510kg, £900/480kg, £890/500kg, £750/450kg, £720/460kg, £700/470kg, Scott Dunlop £790/340kg, £790/360kg, £625/630kg and James O’Connor £730/330kg.

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S Moore £980/360kg, £950/380kg, £930/390kg, A McGuinness £880/400kg, Herbert Dixon £820/410kg, Wesley Lynch £810/330kg, James O’Connor £765/390kg, £730/350kg, A McGuinness £760/370kg, S Martin £730/380kg, David Crockett £665/320kg, £640/370kg, £610/380kg, £605/380kg, £585/350kg, £520/340kg, £520/360kg and D Lynch £595/300kg, £565/270kg, £520/230kg, £520/230kg, £515/250kg, £500/300kg, £495/210kg.


William Crawford £2,300, Tynan Roulston £1,480, £1,430, £1,400, £1,360, £1,340, £1,340, £1,320, £1,310, £1,300, £1,290, £1,280, £1,280, £1,200, £1,200, £1,200, £1,190, £1,180, £1,150, £1,130, £1,110, £1,100, £1,100, £1,070, G Christie £1,150 and Patrick Curry £1,110, £1,030.