Trelleborg and JB Tyres to attend ploughing

Trelleborg and JB Tyres will be showcasing the importance of selecting the optimal tyre inflation pressure for specific farming operations at the 74th International Ploughing Championships in Donnacloney, County Down on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September.

TM700 Progressive Traction
TM700 Progressive Traction

The live demonstrations will show how the correct tyre choice and tyre pressure can boost the efficiency and productivity of farming operations, helping to get the most out of your machinery and minimising soil compaction to ensure greater crop yields.

Using the Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) app, test results will demonstrate effects of both correct and incorrect inflation pressures on traction performance and show farming professionals how they can reduce operating times, fuel consumption and soil compaction by applying the pressures recommended by the TLC app. Two Massey Ferguson 6610, fitted with Trelleborg’s innovative ProgressiveTractionTM Technology will set off over a 200m track with different inflation pressures. The tractor able to transfer the most power to ground will arrive at the finish line before the other one, whilst also using less fuel, a wider footprint and with minimal soil compaction.

Trelleborg’s ProgressiveTraction™ tyre, winner of numerous innovation awards around the world and fitted as standard on OE Machinery, was specifically developed to increase tyre efficiency and performance thanks to a double lug.

Operating on the soil at different times, the double lug progressively releases higher traction where and when required. The double lug also provides the tyre with superior floatation capability, ensuring an even pressure distribution over the extra wide footprint, boosting the yield of crops while preserving soil from compaction and erosion.

JB Tyres are proud to be a Trelleborg Professional Centre (TPC) – a group of specially selected key argricultural specialists throughout the UK and Ireland – with the objective of providing end users with an enhanced, high-quality and professional agricultural tyre solution. Being part of the TPC programme ensures JB Tyres customers have access to dedicated services, from advice on tyre size and type, to customised load pressure charts.

In addition, JB Tyres will be able to provide free tyre pressure assessments, with the Trelleborg Load Calculator – this is a desktop, tablet and smartphone app that is free to download and aids in the calculation of the optimum tyre inflation pressure on agricultural machines according to different applications.

It enables the precise calculation of a tractor’s load per axle in order to determine the optimal tyre inflation pressure for specific farming operations.