Wilson welcomes safeguard of Northern Ireland’s electricity supply

Sammy Wilson MP.
Sammy Wilson MP.
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East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has welcomed a decision that will ensure continuity of electricity supply for Northern Ireland.

In a statement, Mr. Wilson said: “Whilst I am glad the regulator has made a decision on the future of Kilroot, there is obvious disappointment with the loss of 85 jobs, however I am pleased that 178 have been saved.

“In general, for Northern Ireland, it is good to have continuity of supply. That was always a major issue. Kilroot was supplying 42 per cent of Northern Ireland’s power. To have lost it would have been disastrous for our economy and could have led to massively disruptive outages.

“A service agreement has been reached. Indeed, this agreement is an indication that the original complacency of both the Regulator and Systems Operator, regarding the loss of Kilroot, was misplaced.”