NI mum starts GoFundMe campaign to give teenage daughter Abigail - with very complex medical needs - ‘a reason to smile’

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A fundraiser has been launched to help a 14-year-old girl with a very complex medical condition, the opportunity to enjoy a better life.

A Gofundme campaign lauched a few days ago aims to raise £10,000 to help the Co Down teenager live a less strenuous life.

The fundraiser - set up by Abigail’s mother Donna Russell in Conlig, Co Down - explains that: “Abigail has a very complex medical condition so complex it isn’t fully diagnosed.

“To make it easy for people to understand - Abigail’s oxygen levels very suddenly drop extremely low which in turn causes her heart to work extremely hard.”

She added that at night Abigail’s “heart and lungs struggle (apnea and bradycardia occur)”.

“Abigail suffers from reoccurring respiratory infections and spends a lot of time with doctors and at hospital,” she added.

“Therefore missing school and being a teenager.

“Due to how hard Abigails body works every day she is exhausted and spends most of her time in bed resting.

“We are fundraising to make Abigails life better.”

The fundraiser adds that Abigail currently has a “manual wheelchair to be pushed about in” adding that it gives her no independece.

She adds that “there is an attachment which can be purchased which will turn the wheelchair into a powered tricycle enabling Abigail to get about on her own without risk.”

The fundraiser also hopes to help tick off a few items from Abigail’s bucket list - anything from going on a cruise to having her nails done.

The post adds: “Those who know me personally know that last year was a really tough year for us and now that Abigail has an oxygen concentrator that can go on a plane I really want to make as many of her dreams come true as possible.

“Thank you so much if you can help us.”

To help Abigail achieve her journey to an easier life click here