Young vulnerable N.I. woman in distress, P.S.N.I. say no food in house - Sainsbury's donate box of groceries to help

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The P.S.N.I. has praised a local Sainsbury's store in Northern Ireland for donating a box of groceries to young woman they discovered to be in distress on Friday morning.

Police officers attended an incident involving a young vulnerable woman in distress at a property in Londonderry.

The groceries supplied by Sainsbury's.

The groceries supplied by Sainsbury's.

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After getting permission from the woman the P.S.N.I. checked the property only to discover she had no fresh food.

"A massive thank you to our local Sainsbury's store who were keen to make a very generous donation to help the young lady along.

"This is what working with our community really looks like. We are here to help," said the P.S.N.I.