14 reasons why you should date someone from N.I.

People from Northern Ireland may not have the olive skin of the Italians or the beach bodies of the Brazilians but they do have more than their fair share of attractive attributes.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 5:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6:27 pm
Northern Ireland people are surprisingly romantic - here are a few other reasons why you should consider dating one of us.

Here are 14 reasons why you should consider dating someone from Northern Ireland.

What we lack in dark and tanned skin we make up for with our world famous skill of charming prospective partners with our gift of the gab.
The pace of modern life can be so quick that some find they have make sacrifices in order to attain success. This is not the case for many N.I. people. Family matters and we will always make time for what's important.

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There's something uniquely wonderful about our sense of humour. It can be awfully dark at times but it's always hilarious. Perhaps it's our self-deprecating tendencies that makes us standout?
If you sometimes struggle to understand what's being said in the latest series of Derry Girls or Line of Duty (to name a few) fear not because if you date someone from Northern Ireland they can translate everything for you.
Northern Ireland people have an almost sixth sense for predicting the weather. It's almost as if we can feel it in our bones before it happens. We are weather obsessed so you don't have to be!
Not only do we have the gift of the gab but the in which we deliver our thoughts in our dulcet Ulster tones is like no other sound on Earth.
N.I. is the home away from home for many of stars of Game of Thrones which was filmed here. If you're a fan of the show and if you're dating someone from here you never know, you might run into Jon Snow on Royal Avenue.
Are you the kind of person who avoids complaining about customer service or food while dining out? If you decide to date someone from Northern Ireland you can kiss that hangup goodbye as we are not backward when being forward.
We might not like receiving compliments but we have absolutely no problem with giving them to those around us - good news for you if your other half is from Northern Ireland.
The Northern Ireland mother-in-law is like no other in the world. Hospitable, loyal, kind and protective - oh, and you need not worry about tray bakes ever again!
If paradise was a dish of food then look no further than the Ulster Fry. N.I. people know precisely what's required so all you have to do is sit back, relax and look forward to meeting your future mother-in-law.
The Northern Ireland welcome is so utterly genuine that people who are from here look forward to it when coming home after being away for a while. We will go out of our way to make you feel welcome and like you belong here.
Would-be scammers have to get up early in the morning to catch Northern Ireland people out. We are able to spot a chancer a mile off so if you date one of us you'll never have to worry about being conned ever again.
When all is said and done, Northern Ireland people will surprise you with just how romantic they can be. We also know where the most romantic places to visit in Northern Ireland are so be prepared to be wined and dined!