An array of colours

Paul Thompson's garden
Paul Thompson's garden

Paul Thompson sent in this lovely picture of his flower-filled garden.

He said: ‘‘I have retired now and previously my son Richard, who is 25, was the keen gardener. He has now bought his own house and left me with the job of maintaining his good work! To be fair most of what you see in the photograph is down to him. I put the bird house in a few months ago and I think it makes a nice feature,’’ said Paul.

He added: ‘‘Personally I like the relaxation of planting and renewal and to watch the bees and other insects as they move from flower to flower. We have seen some lovely butterflies too and I took some pictures of them. It is hard to beat sitting in the sunshine on a warm day and enjoying the results.’’

Paul said the plants in this part of the garden include crocosmia, giant daisies, delphinium, dahlias, hydrangea, geraniums, bottlebrush, poppies, rhododendron, foxglove and garvinea.

‘‘There are other areas with lilies, antirrhinum, lavender, carnations, marigolds, gladioli, lobelia, lupins and other shrubs I don’t know the names of.’’

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