7 of our favourite electric cars expected in 2020

With the world climate crisis at the forefront of public debate like never before, one of the few encouraging signs has been the willingness of car companies to rise to the challenge of producing vehicles that can meet modern demands without polluting the planet.

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Monday, 18th November 2019, 10:04 am
2020 is expected to be a big year for the electric car market.

There’s still a lot of road to travel before the world of motoring is ready to go entirely electric of course, but with a raft of exciting new models being launched by the world’s biggest brands, 2020 could just be the year when the tide turns for the electric car.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the cars bidding to change the world next year.


The Vauxhall Corsa-e

This electric version of the company’s best-selling petrol car is expected early next year and is likely to be a big favourite with UK buyers, if the Corsa’s popularity is anything to go by. With a range of up to 250 miles on a charge it’s a serious contender in what is looking like a crowded marketplace, while it’s sleek redesign has met with a lot of praise.


The Mini Electric

With the Mini Cooper still one of the most iconic cars ever made, this electric version is prompting a lot of hype as a potential turning point for the popularity of electric cars. Using technology influenced by parent company BMW, and boasting handling said to be close to the classic 1960s Mini, perhaps its only downside is a relatively short range of between 120 and 140 miles per charge. That could be a minor sticking point though, if it manages to replicate the style of its illustrious predecessor. We’ll find out when deliveries start in early 2020.


The Skoda Citigo-e IV

This will be the first electric Skoda and is expected to be an adapted version of the company’s popular small city car. With an expected range of around 164 miles per charge and a zippy acceleration rate of 0-60 in around 12 seconds, it is a better performer than others in its class but likely to appeal to people looking for a city run-a-round – although it’s worth noting Skoda have said it will only be released in a five door model in the UK, when it is released in early 2020.


Kia Soul EV

Not the most attractive electric car on the market, at least if the test images are anything to go by, this is still likely to be a hugely popular choice for those going electric, and not just because of the Kia brand. In a boost to their green credentials Kia have said the Soul will only be available in its electric form in Europe. They are already taking orders for ‘early 2020’ delivery, with buyers impressed by the 279 mile range, and a 10.25 inch touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay inside – green and trendy!


The Seat el-Born

Expected to launch in March next year, this has currently been trailed in concept form but is attracting lots of attention, mainly due to its sporty styling and impressive range of 260 miles per charge.


The Honda e

Another contender for the car most likely to bring the electric market into the big leagues is the Honda e, which turned heads with its retro-style when the concept was unveiled in Frankfurt in 2017. Now a five-door rather than a three-door, Honda insist it will retain that stylish look when it hits the market next summer. The brand’s first European-only car, it is another vehicle which has the style but perhaps not the substance, having a range of around 136 miles per charge. That should be no deterrent to those looking for a city run-around however.


The Tesla Roadster

The big beast of the electric car world, at least in terms of public perception, Tesla are finally expected to unveil their Roadster next year, although exactly when next year is still an unknown quantity. Officially a sports car, with a top speed upwards of 250mph, acceleration taking you from 0-60 in under two seconds and a staggering range of 620 miles between charges, it is easily the most impressive-sounding electric car to date. That comes with a price of course – in this case an estimated £189,000. The world will be watching closely to see whether the company can finally deliver.


Whatever car takes the lead of course, drivers will still want to make it their own - and may even want to mark the shift to electric with a themed number plate.

“Next year is going to be a huge one for electric cars,” says Jason from CarReg. “We’re expecting a huge number of people to make the switch, and a lot of them will be looking to make it even more personal with a private plate that highlights their new car’s green credentials. A private plate is a way to express your views and your individuality, and there are thousands to choose from.”

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