RAFFLE PRIZE: Mercedes car plus £1,000 to be won in fundraiser for NHS

THIS Mercedes sports car and £1,000 cash will be won in a raffle supporting the NHS - here's how to enter.

One person will win the prize which has been guaranteed in the latest raffle promoted by RaffleMyCar.com.

It has pledged to donate 30p from each ticket sold to the NHS.

ENTER NOW: Tickets cost £14.99 - or three tickets for £38.97 (12.99 each) - with a maximum 1995 tickets in total up for grabs on its secure web platform at rafflemycar.com.

SAVE 10%: Get a 10% discount when you use the Belfast Newsletter discount code BN10 at checkout to buy £14.99 single tickets - it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, so does not apply to the three ticket offer.

WATCH LIVE STREAM: We will chat to RaffleMyCar, to preview the raffle and answer all your questions, in a special Facebook Live stream on Wednesday, July 29, 2pm – CLICK HERE.

This is a guaranteed prize draw. Regardless of how many tickets are sold the winner will receive the Merc A 220D AMG Sport car and £1,000 cash, vows Rafflemycar.com.

The online raffle company will post the names of everyone who buys a ticket on its website and a random number generator will pick a winner as we stream it live on our Facebook pages of The Yorkshire Post and sister title The Star.

The live draw date is yet to be announced and will be in August or September.

WATCH: Care home worker Carrianne Long won this Audi car and £2,000 cash in a previous RaffleMyCar draw which we streamed live, watch the draw - CLICK HERE.

Dan Lawson, from Manchester, also recently won a Golf GTD

Rafflemycar.com, which has evolved from raffling smaller prizes, from iPhones and laptops, is now giving ticket holders the chance to win high performance cars with plans to even raffle a house.

Mercedes sports car and 1,000 cash raffle prize up for grabs in NHS fundraiser

But next up is this Merc A 220D AMG Sport car and £1,000 cash.

The automatic 2.1L five-door hatchback is in limited edition black/purple, with 18inch alloys, half alcantara/half leather interior, including front heated seats and has fitted satellite navigation.

The car was registered in 2016 and only has 55,000 miles on the clock.

It comes with full dealer history and a two year warranty.

Audi car and 2,000 cash prize winner Carrianne Long from Lincoln with RaffleMyCar's Joey Doyle

To keep odds of winning as high as possible it has also limited the number of tickets to just 2,000 and looks set to sell out, just like its previous draws.

CEO Joey Doyle said: “At Rafflemycar.com we are giving people the chance to win a dream motor. It's easy and secure to enter on our web site. We only have a limited number of tickets available, so the odds of winning are stacked even better for participants and we guarantee the prize will be won.

“We've also pledged to give 30p from every ticket sold to NHS charities to support our local health workers, especially during this challenging time. We believe in giving back to our communities.

"We are a small team dedicated to providing fun, genuine and transparent raffle competitions.

"The winner of the Merc A 220D AMG Sport car and £1,000 cash will be picked via a random number generator and streamed live across social media sites - including on The Yorkshire Post and The Star. This again ensures the process of picking a winner is fair, transparent and everyone can join in the fun to see whether they have won.

"But it doesn’t stop there - we are also the first online platform that actually enables individuals to host their own online car raffles providing a new way for people to give away their vehicles. See our web site for full details."

For full terms and conditions, including free entry postal details, see the RaffleMyCar website at rafflemycar.com.


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