Review: Beefeater joins the ‘pink party’ with new creation

Beefeater Pink Gin
Beefeater Pink Gin
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Kathryn McKenna gives her verdict on the recently launched Beefeater Pink...

In ideal timing for summer, the unique gently infused creation starts by distilling the original Beefeater Dry Gin base and then adding sweetened natural strawberry flavours.

Whilst there is a prominent strawberry fruit aroma, the aftertaste is of juniper. Gin experts will also be pleased to hear that the fruit influence is achieved with no compromise to the excellence we have come to expect from this brand, and it is refreshing to see only natural flavours are used as is reflected in the pale pink shade which is a testament to its subtle taste.

In fact, Beefeater Pink truly is a far cry from some of the garish bubblegum pink hues too often seen on the shelves. The soft fruit flavours of strawberry paired with classic notes of juniper and citrus work perfectly to produce a finely balanced contemporary gin to rival its competitors, many of whom have failed to get the balance quite as right as this.