Frank Mitchell tells us about his travels

'˜The one thing I can't travel without is my pillow'

Friday, 20th July 2018, 5:26 pm
Updated Friday, 20th July 2018, 5:28 pm
Broadcaster and weatherman Frank Mitchell

Where was your first family holiday?

My first holiday was when I was five and we were in a caravan at Cranfield. We stayed one night or maybe I fell asleep during the afternoon and we didn’t stay at all. My aunt Susan and uncle Jimmy lived next to the caravans in a bungalow on the coast and to me it seemed like the Costa Del Sol. My second time on holiday was my honeymoon and thankfully there wasn’t a caravan in sight.

What was your best holiday?

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The best holiday I’ve ever had was in San Francisco. We drove from LA to the top city I’ve ever been in. It’s the only place I’ve been that I would consider living in.

And your worst?

My worst holiday was in Bulgaria. I was in a queue for a pizza at lunchtime when the staff announced they were closing for lunch. They were all communists then so maybe now they would stay open when they’re busy.

How many countries have you visited?

To be honest I’m not very well travelled. America a few times and the sunny spots in Europe, that’s it. My daughter is only 25 and she’s been to every continent that doesn’t require a husky so I feel I’m a bit of a home bird.

Favourite country to visit?

As for a favourite country it has to be Italy. All those beeping horns, breathtaking attractions and no queuing for pizza.

What is your travelling bugbear?

I’m rarely annoyed when on holiday but I tend to avoid the bloke who has arrived at the resort three days before and loves impressing people by saying how he’s well in with the waiter, the hotel manager and the pool attendant and anything you need ‘just give me a shout’!

What do always pack?

The one thing I cannot travel without is my pillow. I’ve had it since I was six months old. It started life as the mattress of my pram. Psychologists have written books about this but I just find it helps with a good night’s sleep.

If money was no object, where would you love to visit?

If I’d limitless money I’d probably go to Australia in total luxury. Private jets, helicopters and Range Rovers. I’m not that keen on the distance if I have to sit beside people snoring for 24 hours.

Where is your next trip to?

I’m not sure where my next trip will be to. I’m back and forward to Donegal a lot. That is heaven on earth.

Who would be your ideal travelling companion?

I would love to go travelling with Pep Guardiola and talk football for the entire journey or I’d love to be on John Fogerty’s tour bus.