'˜I love the solitude up there, I am surrounded by my life'

Actor Dan Gordon is well known for his role as Red Hand Luke in Give My Head Peace, as well as his theatrical performances in Marie Jones' play Christmas Even Can Kill You and his most recent role as Frank Carson in his one-man show at the Lyric Theatre.

Pacemaker Press Belfast 27-10-2017: Actor Dan Gordon pictured at home in his favourite room (The Attic).
Picture By: Arthur Allison.
Pacemaker Press Belfast 27-10-2017: Actor Dan Gordon pictured at home in his favourite room (The Attic). Picture By: Arthur Allison.

Dan loves spending time tucked away in the roof space of his home, appreciating the peace and quiet where he can work away without being disturbed.

Dan has carved out his own ‘man cave’ in the attic of his three bedroom house in Greenisland, which he shares with his wife and three children.

“I have three kids so there’s no room for me in the house,” joked Dan,

“So I put in a Velux window in the attic to create a study and it works very well.

“It’s out of the way for me, although I sit in the slope of the roof so when I stand up I hit my head.”

Dan uses the attic room to write and research material for his shows.

Most recently he spent three years researching the life of comedian Frank Carson for his one-man show (pictured). So a space where he can spread out and let the creative juices flow is an absolute necessity.

“I just have a desk, a chair and lots of storage,” he continued. “I have a lot of stuff I should get rid of.

“I was always a hoarder so I have all these scripts lying around and I catalogue them occasionally. I value the written word so I can’t throw it away.”

One of Dan’s prize possessions which he keeps in his attic room brings back fond memories of his father.

“My father was a carpenter in the shipyard and I have his bit and drill in the roof space with me as well.

“I have a lot of stuff from the shipyard, as well as a lot of books about Belfast and Northern Ireland.”

A rather unusual collection that Dan keeps in his room is a vast array of Northern Ireland election posters.

“I have a big collection of political posters,” said Dan. ”The day after the election I take them down or I ask for them.

“I have a Nigel Dodds one from 1985/86 on wood. I have one from Robert McCartney, Naomi Long, Bairbre de Brún, Dawn Purvis.

“I have a truck now to move them about. It’s an absurd thing to collect.”

As Dan has admitted he is a lover of the written word, so it is no surprise that his room is filled with books. “I have suitcases filed with them,” he confesses.

Dan has other mementoes he keeps close to him in his favourite room, and he wouldn’t be without any of them. One of his close friends Mike Moloney, who sadly passed away in 2013, created boxes using fliers for one of Dan’s shows - The Boat Factory.

“It sits on my desk and I think of Mike every time I look at it,” admitted Dan.

But that is not the only keepsake he keeps close to his heart.

“I also have a treasured signed photograph of Mary Peters,” he revealed.

Dan is happy in his attic room, filled with his treasures and keepsakes.

“I love the solitude up there during the day, I am the lord and master of all I survey,” he quipped. “I am surrounded by my life.”