‘It’s the place where everyone comes together’

Businesswoman Linzi Rooney in her kitchen
Businesswoman Linzi Rooney in her kitchen

Linzi Rooney is proprietor of Studio Souk in Belfast, an outlet featuring a variety of artists, designers and craftmakers selling artwork, ornaments, paintings, accessories and other merchandise.

Linzi lives with her partner and two girls in a detached three bedroom house near Belfast’s Beechill Road and Shaw’s Bridge.

Her favourite room in her home is her kitchen - the place where everyone comes together to talk about their day, have tea, eat their grub and generally hang out together.

Filled with on trend art work by Linzi’s favourite artists, indoor plants, candles and books, Linzi’s kitchen mixes shades of green and grey and is illuminated with soft lighting.

“I’m not into matching things and I’m not precious about the things I have in my home because of my two children. I love old furniture, I never buy stuff that’s new and I love colour over neutrals. I like greys and greens and I have a lot of artwork from Studio Souk throughout my house so it’s very colourful.

“My living room is taken over by my daughters who are aged one and five, it has colouring ink on the walls and rugs and everything, it’s immensely livable.

“The kitchen and dining room is the place where everybody socialises and everybody comes together while the living room is really taken over by the kids.

“The kitchen and dining area is just where we go to discuss our day and eat meals, sometimes the kids are here in their high chairs too. This is the heart of the house and the first port of call when my partner and I have finished work. All the activity happens here.

“The kitchen is modern with a lot of indoor plants, a chilli plant, all your usual herbs and a green dresser and a table I got for £90 from a charity shop which is actually a £1000 Danish label I picked up very cheaply.

“I have two refurbished 1960s Ercoll chairs, I have a green cabinet and then the art on the grey walls is the main focus. I have work by artists from Studio Souk including pieces by Eddie Mallon - a strong, acrylic based piece, Stephen Farnam who makes pieces in ceramic and Chantalle Coombes’s work which is very whimsical.

“I have lots of books and an old vintage typewriter as well as lots of candles and yet more indoor plants - wisteria leaves and palm leaves.

“I have my daughter’s christening gown hanging in the kitchen. It’s kind of a family heirloom as it was my mothers and my mother died after battling breast cancer aged 40. Both my daughters wore this for their christening.

“I have one window and a patio door and soft lighting is very important to me.

I love cooking but I don’t have a lot of cooking books I tend to come up with recipes in my head. As well as artwork from Studio Souk I also have bits and pieces that I’ve picked up from secondhand shops - quirky accessories and just things that catch my eye. The kitchen is just the heart of my home and it’s the place where everything happens. It’s a place to chat and come together.”

Studio Souk, 60-62 Ann Street. Visit www.studiosouk.com.