My favourite room: ‘I like to follow my own quirky sense of style’ - Ceclila Daly

Cecilia Daly in her favourite room in her Belfast home.
Cecilia Daly in her favourite room in her Belfast home.

Weather expert Cecelia Daly is chilling out at home in her beautifully spacious, light and airy lounge-cum-dining room with two-year-old Labrador Pedro. The walls are a cool and calming sage green with dark wooden furniture, carefully thought through accessories and attention to detail, mementos, paintings and dark wooden flooring, a grey, green and cream rug and leather armchairs. The dining area of this superbly homely space has a dark wooden table and co-ordinating chairs.

The property is a three bedroom semi-detached house situated in the east of Belfast in Ballyhackamore which Cecelia shares with her partner Simon and of course the aforementioned Pedro.

Cecilia Daly and her dog Pedro

Cecilia Daly and her dog Pedro

“As soon as I get home from work I stick the oven on to make my dinner after a long day, then upstairs, change out of my work clothes into my jammies, wash my face, and it’s straight downstairs on to the sofa in my favourite room where I can just collapse and relax.

“Previously my living room and dining room were separate and we lived in the back eating our dinner off trays in front of the TV just never using the dining room. So I decided to book a week’s holiday and have the wall between the dining room and the lounge knocked into one large space. It took longer than expected to complete but it was so worth it because now we have our dinner properly at the table every night. At weekends when I’m off on a Sunday we have our breakfast together and we always end up having a proper conversation. It’s so relaxing, so despite the stress the renovation was the best decision ever. I just love the room so much now.

“The walls are almost a kind of sage green, I keep lots of photographs in a small wooden chest near the fireplace and I have a Chinese barrel which my parents got me years ago as a birthday present. On top of it I have a silver piece that looks like a sort of porthole with a candle in it. My sister bought me that last Christmas.

“We have pictures on the walls - photographs that my father took when he developed a taste for photography. There are pictures of places on the scenic north coast like Ballintoy, Cushendun and Cushendall - some of his favourite places as well as mine.

“I also have some precious pieces of china that my mother received as wedding presents that she’s gifted me with.

“My partner Simon likes the room too although he just does what he’s told. We’ve also got a chair for Pedro.We spend loads of time here - it’s our main room.

“The house isn’t modern by any means. I kind of like to keep things traditional rather than ultra modern but at the same time I like to have little hints of things that are on trend , colourful and stylish. Sometimes you need something bright and modern to give a room a lift. “I’d described my style as quirky, I’m not afraid to be different, I like the whole idea of traditional meeting funky and colourful.

“I follow my own sense of style in how I decorate and I’m pretty relaxed about it. I appreciate lovely decor but I’m not someone who wants to take on big interior design projects - it’s about being comfortable and having a house that feels welcoming.”