In My StylewithJacqueline McCandless

Jacqueline McCandless is stylish and beautiful.

Saturday, 20th June 2020, 5:00 pm
Jacqueline McCandless

The 42-year old who has taken part in numerous fashion shows and events as a model for ACA Models shares some of her style secrets and favourite places to shop.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Jacqueline?

I’ve been married for 16 years to Peter and I have two brilliant kids, Killian age 13 and Emily age 12.

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Jaqueline with her daughter Emily

I work full-time as a Technology & Design teacher at Priory Integrated College, Holywood and I work part-time for ACA Model Agency.

As a family we are all very active. My son plays football for Glentoran FC and attends Club NI, Emily is the current Captain of Ards Aqua Sprint Team.

To try to keep up with my kids I keep active and fit by personal training with Ian Young (@ifitni) once a week at the Hurt Locker and attending his circuit class in Ashfield Girls School on a Tuesday. However, during lockdown, I have been following Ian’s app and doing my home workouts which is keeping me sane.

How would you describe your personal style?

Jaqueline with the team at the Hurt Locker

If I’m not in my gym gear which seems to be the majority of the time, recently , I will be wearing something black.

I tend to wear what I want and don’t follow trends. I will buy clothes that suit me and my style. I have been described as edgy and urban. When I’m in school the pupils have even compared me to Morticia Adams as they never see me in bright coloured clothing.

Where do you find style inspiration?

I find fashion inspiration from social media as I follow my favourite designers and fashion retailers and these include Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, All Saints and Zara.

Jacqueline McCandless

Do you read fashion magazines and if so, which ones?

To be honest I don’t read fashion magazines as I’m always on the go. (Probably like the majority of parents out there)

What is the best style advice you’ve received and who gave it to you?

As I have worked for ACA Models as a model for the past 25 years I have been involved in many fashion shows/events. These have included seasonal shows for Victoria Square, Belfast, styled by the fashion guru Katherin Farries and fashion events organised and styled by the talented Rebecca McKinney. So over the years I have picked up lots of advice that I implement into my style.

Jacqueline modelling

What is your favourite fashion trend at the moment and why?

I don’t really follow fashion trends so I don’t have a favourite.

What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe and what is so special about it?

The oldest item in my wardrobe is a black velvet evening dress by Peter Werth. I wore it when I was in the Miss Northern Ireland final in 2001. I wore it again last year at the Northern Ireland Sports Awards that I attended with my good friend Ian and Debbie Young (Mr & Mrs IFit)

And the most recent?

My beautiful Sara O Neil Eadach Zodiac Scarf, this was bought to me by one of my best friends, Alison Clarke, so it has sentimental value as well as being an amazing piece of artwork. The detail on Sara’s scarfs is unbelievable and designs are hand drawn before being printed onto the silk.

Do you keep things in your wardrobe that you haven’t ever worn?

No, when I purchase clothing I usually wear it to death. If I purchase something it is because I like it, it suits me or its black.

What was your worst fashion mistake?

I have had a few to be honest. Probably the worst mistake was when I use to co-ordinate mine and my husband’s outfits when we were going out. Just like Posh and Becks - so embarrassing!!!

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, clothing-wise?

The most expensive thing that I have ever bought was my bespoke red crushed velvet wedding dress by Alison-Jayne Couture. (well my nanny actually bought it for me)

What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

This has to be my Alexander Mc Queen Skull scarf. I wear it all the time. I wear it to work, on nights out and sometimes just over a plain t-shirt to go to the shops.

What are your favourite colours for clothes and why?

I have to admit the majority of my wardrobe is black. I have a few grey and white items too. I have always loved wearing the colour black. I think this stemmed from my adolescent years when I decided I wanted to be a Goth. obviously, I am still trying to hold on to those years and not trying to acknowledge that I’m now in my forties.

Also Christian Dior quoted ‘You can wear black at any time. You can wear black at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.’ So maybe I’m just playing it safe.

What shoes do you wear most often and do you have a particular favourite pair - if so why are they your favourites?

I probably wear my Dr Martens boots the most often, as they are very versatile and they don’t conform to any trend. I feel they are always in style. They are worn by both old and young.

I do have a bit of a shoe addiction and have quite a collection including Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin’s, but my favourite pair must be my red soles. I love my Christian Louboutin Pigalles but they don’t love me.but fashion feels no pain.

What are your fashion pet hates?

People who follow popular trends. I think clothes are an extension of your personality and character and people should wear what they want, they can choose to express themselves and dress in what makes them feel comfortable and should not confine their style to trends.

Who are your style heroes?

Vivienne Westwood because of her unconventional style sense - it is outspoken, daring and demonstrates a level of fearness with individuality. Alexander McQueen for his dark sense of styling and sombre themes in his work.

What fragrance do you wear?

I usually wear Gucci Guilty or Tom Ford Black Orchid

What accessories do you normally use?

I like to accessorise with a scarf, pair of heels and a good size handbag.

Do you think you can be fashionable without spending a lot of money?

Most definitely there as so many high street retailers offering great ranges of clothing at a fraction of designer prices. There is something to suit everyone’s taste.

What are your favourite local shops and why?

Rio and Brazil in Victoria Square. They have been established for so long and have a great variety of clothing to suit every occasion. Stevie and Jeane are so helpful when you call in and they are great at giving you new ideas for your wardrobe.

All Saints in Victoria Square, great for some edgy urban aesthetic casual pieces.

Zara Belfast, great for work wear.

Lisa’s Attic online shop for some fun and quirky clothing.