The Gobbins returns as top-of-the-world scenic and historic cliff-side pathway

The leading, global, travel-publisher Lonely Planet recently crowned Belfast and the Causeway Coast as “the world’s best region to visit” in 2018.


IN PICTURES: Rewind 15 years to life in Northern Ireland in 2003

Rewind 15 years to look back at life in Northern Ireland with our gallery guide to 2003.

A typical 'jolly' swagman, c 1901, with billy can and swag on his back

Festival at a new museum in Australia celebrates iconic song with Ulster links

“It’s there whenever Australians want to quell their fears, steel their resolve, express their joy, celebrate their victories or lament their defeats.”

HMS Vindictive at Zeebrugge. 23 April 1918. Painting by Charles John De Lacy

Local hero took command of ship during fierce raid when commander was killed

“A shell carried away the bridge of his ship and caused a serious fire amongst the ammunition and bombs – he led a volunteer fire party with a hose onto the upper deck to quench the fire.”

Marking the migration

History brewed in Scotland, bottled in Ulster and uncorked in North America

In the summer of 1718, Aghadowey’s Presbyterian minister the Reverend James McGregor, born in Magilligan around 1677, sailed with a large part of his congregation to the New England colonies.


IN PICTURES: These Irish League images will take you straight back to the 1990s

Take a trip down Irish League memory lane with this gallery of images from the 1990s.


A decade in pictures: Everyday life in Northern Ireland during the 1990s

We’ve delved into the archive to bring you images of everyday life in Northern Ireland during the 1990s.


IN PICTURES: A look back at life in Northern Ireland in 2002

The fire brigade were on strike, Alex Maskey became the first Sinn Fein Lord Mayor of Belfast and the Queen visited Northern Ireland as part of her Jubilee celebrations.


IN PICTURES: Then and now - NI towns and cities and well-known buildings

We’ve delved into the archive to contrast towns and cities and well-known buildings across Northern Ireland with how they once were and how they look now.


IN PICTURES: The wonder years - NI sporting memories from 2002

Rewind to a time when Sammy McIlroy was Northern Ireland boss, Roy Coyle reigned supreme at The Oval and boxer Wayne McCullough was showing the world what he was made of in a big fight in London.


PICTURE SPECIAL: 30+ images from 2001

Revisting 2001 with a picture gallery examing the events of the year

Engine No 131 on a trial run between whitehead and Belfast in 2017

A major mouthful of memories at launch of GNR express engine ‘Q’ class 4-4-0 no 131

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of every community,” stated the Queen’s letter in the glossy programme for a remarkable event held in Newtownabbey’s Theatre at the Mill last Thursday evening.


WATCH: Retro special - 1999

Looking at images from the archives from the last year of the 90’s


IN PICTURES: How we looked then and now

We dip into the archives for well known Northern Ireland locations.

Author and storyteller Doreen McBride

Killer cats, fairy horses and local links with Waltzing Matilda and Muhammad Ali

Wednesday’s page was about Enniskillen’s claim to be the first town in the UK to celebrate the signing of the Armistice and the ending of First World War.

Unveiling ceremony of Enniskillen War Memorial, 25th October 1922.  Photograph: Enniskillen Castle Museums

First news of Armistice heard by wireless operator tuned in to the Eiffel Tower

“March no more my soldier laddie,There is peace where there once was war.


IN PICTURES: Life in Northern Ireland in the year 2000

We’ve delved into the archive to bring a taste of life in Northern in the year 2000.


PICTURE SPECIAL: 1999, the year in pictures

Visiting the archives for images from the end of the 90’s

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