NI prime minister jumped off just before his horse bolted across the Irish border

The entire world was watching and waiting when US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held their historic summit in Singapore this week, though nowadays major state visits and meetings between world leaders can often make front page news around the globe.

Judith Owens and Aidan McMichael commemorate Carpathia at Titanic Belfast

Titanic rescue ship’s heroism marked on centenary of the sinking of the Carpathia

This summer is the centenary of the sinking of RMS Carpathia, the plucky little ship that rescued over 700 survivors after RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg on the night of Sunday, April 14th 1912.

Tuareg tribesman at Timbuktu's Djinquereber mosque

It’s a long way to Timbuktu for Tyrone born explorer who didn’t reach his gold

Two centuries after it was first “discovered” by Europeans, the once fabled city of Timbuktu, in present-day Mali, still carries an undeniable mystique.

Aviation history returns to Lough Erne - a Catalina G-PBYA built in 1943

Low visibility deterred some aircraft but couldn’t veil unique aviation history

Unhelpful weather conditions and low visibility curtailed the flying display at last Saturday’s RAF100 celebrations in and around Lough Erne Yacht club, but over 800 visitors to the former Secomd World War Flying Boat base weren’t overly disappointed.

The grand finale of Queen's Award Celebrations in Newtownabbe on March 22, 2018

Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service hits biggest total here since it started in 2002

Having attended celebrations marking 15 years of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) last March Roamer concluded his report – “the recipients of this year’s awards will remain a mystery until they’re officially announced on 2 June 2018”.

Ensign Helen Purviance on right and Doughnut Team

The whole whodunnit of doughnuts and the forthcoming holey day’s holy links

News Letter readers’ communications with Roamer have often resulted in some unusual and unanticipated accounts and today’s focus on doughnuts, or donuts, isn’t breaking with that tradition!

Sunderlands from Castle Archdale. 1945.  Belleek is in the background

Celebrating 100 years of remarkable history since the formation of the RAF

All sorts of events marking the formation of the Royal Air Force a century ago are happening here, across the UK and overseas.

Richthofen's All-Red Fokker fighter plane

Belfast surgeon was amongst the first to examine the body of the iconic Red Baron

I’m not sure whether I should smile nostalgically or cringe with embarrassment to admit that, back in the mid-1950s, I was one of several little boys regularly to be seen chasing each other around the school playground with arms outstretched and shouting “ack ack”!

Custer's Last Stand, painting by Edgar Samuel Paxson

Men from Ireland fought and died in one of the world’s most recounted battles

Originally from Ballycastle and now living in Canada, Mitchell Smyth shares the story here today of an historic event where local folk played a key role.

Photograph of Teddy Dixon, centre foreground with gun, taken on April 29th 1945 at Dachau, capturing SS guards

ROAMER: Local soldier was one of the first men through the gates of Nazi death camp

“This lunch is to say thank you from all the citizens of Belfast,” said Belfast’s Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Sonia Copeland, before presenting gifts (and a gentle kiss on the cheek) to 98-year-old Second World War veteran Edward (Teddy) Dixon last Thursday.

Archie Reid rceives the 'Ten Best Award' from British film star, Nanette Newman in 1972

Local film-maker’s unique footage shows people, places and events from past times

A celebration of the movies made by the acclaimed, local, amateur filmmaker Archie Reid will be screened during a special Picture House Community Cinema event at the start of the forthcoming Ballyclare May Fair festivities.

First Settlers' graves in Forest Hill Cemetery, New Hampshire

Newborn baby girl on ship captured by pirates named after pirate leader’s mum

In the spring of 1718 a local Presbyterian minister wrote about the likelihood of “great desolation in the Northern parts of this kingdom”.

Spitfires of 241 Squadron over Italy 1944

Remembering Lurgan boy who became one of Second World War’s most decorated fighter pilots

There was an introduction to the new Remembrance NI website here a month ago.

Peace Tree planted in Belfast's Woodvale Park in 1919 marking the end of the First World War

Marking the centenary of the First World War Armistice with all sorts of local war memorials

History Hub Ulster (HHU), the Belfast-based research group with projects all over Ulster, is producing a book to commemorate the centenary of First World War Armistice on the Western Front, signed on November 11th 1918.


IN PICTURES: Famous NI faces - then and now

They may not be instantly recognisable in the photos above but these famous faces are household names across Northern Ireland.

"Fairs, communal meals and parades, and children danced around a maypole."

The enchanted hill where dancing fairies once stole a child whose spirit returned

Roamer’s page today hails the forthcoming May Day festival with a seasonal fairy tale.


IN PICTURES: Flick through these images of life in NI in the early ‘Noughties’

We’ve delved into the archive to bring you a look back at life in Northern Ireland Ireland in the early ‘Noughties’.

The Warner House. Archibald MacPheadris's home in New Hampshire

Tercentenary commemorations of 1718 Bann Valley migration to North America

Ignoring the famous American writer William Safire’s wise instruction to “avoid clichés like the plague”, Roamer unashamedly plagiarised a popular saying for a headline earlier this month!


IN PICTURES: 22 images that will leave you nostalgic for the 1990s

We’ve trawled the archive to bring you images of everyday life in Northern Ireland during the 1990s.

The Gobbins cliff walk and viewing platform

The Gobbins returns as top-of-the-world scenic and historic cliff-side pathway

The leading, global, travel-publisher Lonely Planet recently crowned Belfast and the Causeway Coast as “the world’s best region to visit” in 2018.

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