Reported in the News Letter on April 18, 1949: Orange hall officially opened at Ligoniel

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The new Orange Hall at Ligoniel, Belfast, was opened on Saturday afternoon [April 16] in the presence of a large crowd.

The key was handed by Sister Mrs Margaret A Sellar, Women’s Lodge 115, to Wor Bro Senator Joseph Cunningham, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge, Belfast, who, standing at the top of the steps leading to the entrance, declared the hall open. Earlier there had been a procession through the district.

It was, Senator Cunningham said, a red letter day in the history of the Orange Order in that part of the city, one that marked a very pronounced advance. The Order at Ligoniel and Ballysillan was going forward by leaps and bounds, increases in membership being highly gratifying.

The provision of the new hall came at a time when all members of their Order and all Protestants in Ulster were fully alive to the propaganda being waged against the security – and even the very existence – of their loyal Province as an integral part of the United Kingdom and the British Empire.

The hall has seating accommodation for 300. The approximate cost of converting the old structure and making necessary additions was £2,250.