Reported in the News Letter on April 25, 1953: Private ceremony sees Prime Minister become ‘Sir Winston’

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The Prime Minister who enters the House of Commons, Westminster, on Monday [April 27] will be Sir Winston Churchill.

The court circular issued from Windsor Castle last night said that Mr Churchill had an audience with the Queen “when her Majesty conferred upon him the honour of knighthood and invested him with the insignia of a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter”.

Mr and Mrs Churchill arrived at Windsor Castle a quarter-of-an-hour after the Queen had returned from Badminton.

The ceremony took place before dinner in one of the drawing rooms. The Prime Minister knelt before the young Queen who, taking a sword, touched him first on the right shoulder and then on the left. At that moment he became Sir Winston.

The Queen then handed him the insignia of the Order.

There are now 30 Knights of the Garter. The Duke of Abercorn, who is 84, is the oldest.

The Queen is the Sovereign of the Order and the two remaining ladies of the Garter are Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Princess Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.