Reported in the News Letter on April 25, 1953: Sir Walter Scott statue daubed with red paint

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Edinburgh’s marble statue of Sir Walter Scott, beneath the arches of the famous monument in Princes Street Gardens, yesterday looked something like a strawberry pink ice.

The reason was that on Thursday night [April 23] vandals liberally daubed the monument with red paint.

There were streaks across the forehead and upper lip, down the body, on his breeches and stockings and his cloak, and even on the little effigy of the “wizard’s” favourite dog, Maida, which lies crouched at his feet. The pink colour was the result of the first efforts of workmen to clean the statue.

The vandals had to climb high railings into Princes Street Gardens, where the monument stands, and then more high spiked railings, to get to the statue.

Officials of Edinburgh Students’ Charities Committee denied that it was an official stunt by any of their workers. It is the students’ charity week in Edinburgh this week.